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Sprint changing it's name sounds like the dumbest idea since AT&T changed it's name to Lucent Technologies. They both have huge market share, tremendous name recognition, and they decide to change their name. Hello? Does anyone even know what Lucent Technologies even does? Do you have any idea how long it will take for 50% of their potential clients to even know what the heck Embarq does? In the mean time they will pass the millions of dollars it costs to repair all their trucks, reprint all their stationary, and repaint hundreds if not thousands of signs. Hell they probably spent a half million just to study and do market research on the name change. Yep. Just smile and take it, becasue you're paying for every penny of this latest bad management decision. No wonder Dilbert was based on it's creator's experience workign in a cubicle at a telephone company.

Nicely done - especially the Dilbert comment.

The green is to get the "Red" out, so that customers will not relate it to Sprint. I have seen nothing but postive come from the change. Lower plan rates such as 44.95 for home phone with unlimited long distance. 24.95 for the internet and Dish is three times cheaper than Cable. I don't know why you say you don't like the change personally I think it has been for the better.

Hi Emma,

I think the get the "red out" comment speaks for itself. No customer is going to get that and all they will see is a green paper airplane. I also provided a link from TrendIQ that looked at the brand perception that backs up my original comment (http://pardonmyfrench.typepad.com/pardonmyfrench/2006/08/confirming_emba.html)

However, I do agree with you regarding the service and the plans and I am very happy with them. They have all of my home phone service including DSL. Good products, pricing, and service - just don't like the brand name.


price for high speed internet is absolutely expensive compare to other companies. Come on EMBARQ $30 for 768....... seen price like that for 6.0 for $30 a month

I still think Ameriprise has the worst name ever.

Well say goodbye to good ol embarq because its going to merge with centurytel and become centurylink and become one of the largest phone companies in the U.S.

(psst i think they are combining because people are paying them off u no MONOPOLY IS ILLEGAL lolz) and sprint didnt change their name embarq took them over

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