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Gosh you're a really negative person! If I thought like you I would never show up for work.

OK, so let's start correcting your negative world view:

1. The RPM for a site like bloggingstocks would be $15-50. So, 1M pages = $15,000 to $50,000.
2. We don't have to be huge to win. We're part of the second largest financial site on the Internet: AOL Money. We just have to produce great product day in and day out, and we will be 5-20% of the AOL Money RFPs.
3. We've done 8 stocks and have a handful of bloggers. We've got this crazy concept... we might actually add a couple of more bloggers and stocks. I know, it sounds nuts but we might actually build the site!
4. Publishing is about the margin, not just the top line. Blogs have 2-5x the margin of MSM in our model.
5. 40k a day for a blog at the start is amazing. There are only a handful of blogs in the space that have broken 1m pages a month--and bloggingtstocks did that from day one.
6. We have over a dozen blogs already over 1M pages a month in our network... bloggingstocks will grow and be as big as Joystiq, Autoblog, and Engadget. Give it time.
7. try and be positive in life... all this negativity is not good for your soul!

all the best, j


Funny you took my post as negative, because it was not intended that way. Factual and numbers focused yes, but not negative. You also failed to look at the viewpoint of your customer, the financial services advertiser. The main point of the post was not how a publisher makes money or how you might succeed, but what the metrics look like from the advertiser's point of view.

I actually agreed with you on how impressive the pageview counts were for a blog. However, I won't continue to debate you on your CPM metrics, because well, those are not numbers that I've seen or bought in this category and that includes on AOL.

I've enjoyed the comments back and forth from you, but your commentary regarding negative outlooks on life are entirely untrue and a little condescending. If you spent more time reading on my blog, you'll see a very consistent writing pattern that is often very positive and funny, not unlike my outlook on life. Friends and work associates which include many, if not all of your competitive financial services publishers would disagree with you.

Take care and if you need more proof read the 2nd and 3rd posts under the managing career category tag on the right. Sorry for the formatting on the post Exit Stage Right but I got a little lazy when I imported it over from blogger.


Could you explain how you arrived to the factor of 100? According to my calculation 4,000,000 uniques would result in the same $250 CPA but more accounts and costs. CPA depends on CTR and 2% conversion as mentioned in your post. How does the increase of page views reduce CPA?

uniques/day----|Clicks 0.1% CTR-|acc/day-|acc/mo--|CPC-|cost/mo-|CPA

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the post. It has been a while since I visited this. The ways to reduce a CPA would be to:
1) Increase CTR or
2) Increase conversion rate or
3) Reduce the CPMs

The average CPA was not the only issue but also the number of accounts per month. The CPA, in the example above should be cut and the number of accounts increased. I always believed that in order to deal with a site, I needed to get a minimum number of accounts and 25 was way below my minimum. Finally, by adding in more advertisers, you need to increase the number of impressions in order to maintain a minimum number of accounts.

Hope that answers your question. PardonMyFrench,


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