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I think you're right... we should all just sit around and not try and do anything new since thestreet.com and message boards are out there already.

Of course, if we did that there would be no Engadget because we CNET already existed... and no CNET because PC Magazine existed.... and no PC Magazine because... etc.

Fair enough Jason, but in my opinion it is not a big deal. In this space which I've bought a ton of media in, this is not ground breaking; people already get their news in this manner. It is just repackaging of something that is already out there.


Your thoughts are exactly what people told me when we launched TVSquad, TUAW, Engadget, Silicon Alley Reporter, etc, etc, etc.

There will be plenty of orig. content on bloggingstocks... it will be a huge hit.... give it 30-60 days and we'll knock your socks off.

done before? hardly. risky? not. sure you don't want to be perceived as influencing stock - if you're an insider. we're not insiders. (and yes i've taken the same licensing classes you did - awake the entire time.)

most of our writers have a serious finance background - I worked for Merrill, we've got other white shoe bankers on board as well as a passel of wharton mbas. and this isn't about repackaging. we'll be giving our readers unparalleled access to real-time information and analysis, the same quality that the big wall street firms' best clients get at considerable cost.

but don't take my word for it. my bet is, if you keep reading, you'll be eating your words in a few weeks' time.

Jason and Sarah,

Thanks for the comments and I hope I am surprised on the commentary. I won't continue the argument that this is being done today and I'll wait for you to prove me wrong. I still buy in the financial space, so I'll add it to my RSS reader and keep a watch. Good luck. You have a ton of competition out there; so differentiating yourself from CBS MarketWatch, Yahoo, analysts, and the rest, will be an uphill battle. Judging from your comments, it looks like you have the will.


By the way, Jason has me listed on his blog (http://www.calacanis.com/) under the title: this guy thinks we suck

not sure if that is an honor, but a nice catchy title!!! I'll keep a watch and let you know what I think in a month.

Innovative? Not really. Smart business move? Yeah, probably.

My take is that AOL isn't really doing anything new. Rather, it seems to me that AOL is attempting to bring the concept of blogging to the masses...which isn't really a big deal to some of us. It's probably a bigger deal to those who are less comfortable with (read: "have no clue about") blogs -- the AOL stamp legitimizes them. Hasn't that been AOL's whole deal, anyway?

So the question isn't whether it will be "big" -- but with whom?

Ann: you nailed it.

AOL didn't create IM, email, or the Internet... but they did bring it to the masses.

BloggingStocks is the first real bridge between the mass audience and the insiders in the blogosphere. We're going to the first people to introduce folks to Scoble, Mark Pincus, etc.

I am flattered that people are taking notice, even if they think the product needs work. I think the product needs work--i think all our products need work. I'm all about the NSI.

Right. It's not unlike what we are doing at MarketingProfs with the Daily Fix blog (blog,marketingprofs.com) -- but in a totally different market, of course.

Blogs aren't exactly news to marketers -- but only a tiny percentage of our list of 180,000+ use them or read them. Some aren't truly sure what they are or get how they differ from any other online thing. The Daily Fix is yet another bridge between marketers and the insiders of the blogosphere.

And NSI? Not Seriously Innovative? Not Socially Incontinent? Nasty Sorta Intuition? It just doesn't make sense...

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