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you know that many of us hate sites like this but this biz is as old as the hills and is profitable! I can remember walking into a CRAZY electronics retailer years ago and having a salesperson try and bait and switch me on a product whose manufacturer happened to 'sound like' a major electronics brand. Caveat emptor! I've seen a major airline pay for leads to a "click stealer" that was outbidding them on certain terms and linking users to its own site...only to then link them right back to the airline. Last, a major online retailer told me that one of their strongest sales sources was for a similar "click stealer" that operated out of a loft in the midwest and was receiving 6 digit checks monthly from this e-tailer. Maybe the Better Business Burea can make a profit policing this issue, but they'll needa lot more agents. Full employment act...


Very good points. I just never realized how much money is here. I guess what still bugs me is the shrinking of decent .com urls and the annoyance of landing on these pages. All they are doing is fine tuning the search process even further; that's why I'm becoming a huge fan of community search.

BTW - thanks for finally posting a comment. Welcome aboard.


Of course this is just an allegation, but it appears that people we know, Eric, may have thought about "click stealing" via some potentially nefarious methods. See http://blog.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/2006/05/class_action_targets_yahoo_ove_1.html?referrer=email.

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