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What is shopping cart online advertising strategy? If they have over 2 million subscribers why is their stock so low.They need to get a grip!

Vonage is a bad service. People will leave vonage. Vonage hopes they can hook more people than they loose and someone will buy the company. Vonage has stupid ads and they lie about the quality of thier service.

How do they disconnect your service when the bill always states no amount due? And then tell you your bill is eighty dollars and to keep form paying that you could get a second line. When saying no you don't want a second line they give you one anyway. Even though your bill always shows no amount due.

Everytime someone calls me they complain that my phone is breaking up ia there anythin that i can do to resolve this..? will i get results if i complain to vonage or should i get a new service?

Based on what I've seen and read online, I think you might have some sub-par service; personally based on their stock price I think you'll be looking for a new company in a little while anyway.

I know this blog or whatver it is, is very old news given the time stamps on the posts, but Eric Frenchman, I'm writing this just to try and get some advice. I'm a frshamn at the University of Miami and I'm in a group doing a marketing project. The project is designed so that each group can pick, as my professor said, "a dog", analyize their current marketing strategy, and create, in our opinion, an improved marekting program. From the blog, there are certainly things Vonage is doing wrong and certainly strategies that should be improved, but are there any other suggestions you would have for Vonage's marketing department that could help me out?


Send me an email at [email protected] with what you've been noticing and I'll be happy to help.


All that glitters is not gold... I satisfied by sound quality but support and customer service drive me crazy

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