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Hey...nice post...very entertaining. One day do I get to tell stories about you? haha

Too funny! I remember doing presentations for Gigi to give Joe and yes, that was the rule -and probably not a bad one. On the last one #10...I was working for Ozzie at the time - there wasn't a phone call to Ozzie but Joe announced at a Division+ meeting that a division manager was gonna shave his head if we hit the 1 million mark and gave him kudos for his ability to motivate the team... and we did hit the mark! Joe was thrilled with the whole thing...and by the way, Ozzie loved the attention as well. Very entertaining...and to think we worked there. The rest sounds exactly like Nacchio!

Hi Jeaneen,

Thanks for correcting my story. It made me laugh again.


interesting, i'll be back later

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