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I think that most of the blog community admires and respects Seth. Didn't you find those 43 comments informative and engaging? Without comments we are only seeing a part of the picture and we would love for Seth open the door for more of this to happen.

You are correct. It's his blog or site. He can do whatever he wants with it—and does not need to indulge our requests. But conversing about the great topics he brings up would be a wonderful thing for the community, and this is what I think is behind much of the outcry.


I agree with you David, but if Seth Godin doesn't allow comments then let the conversation spread elsewhere. That's what's great about the web today and what makes it so social.

Sure, I'd like to have a conversation with Bruce Springsteen about his music, but I may never get the chance. So, I have conversations with other fans and form my own circles. And, who knows maybe something like Greasy Lake (http://www.greasylake.org) will spring up.

What I'm saying is if the guy doesn't want to or doesn't care to have a conversation with us, let's take it elsewhere because we can. Just stop begging him to talk to us.


Hear ya,

But it's not about talking to him—it's about talking to eachother. And doing it on his blog has symbolic meaning. I didn't see begging today—I saw cheering. For a very short-lived time.

Him not allowing comments isn't the issue in my mind. We've already figured out what we think of that move long before today arrived.

What I find unbelievable is for Seth to leave a post saying that allowing comments is a way to BUILD traffic, so he ALLOWS comments for THAT post, then immediately turns them OFF in the NEXT post, and tells his community that if they want to comment, they'll have to do it on another blog.

Amazing. For a supposed 'marketing expert', this was a disasterous marketing move, IMO.


I agree with your comments. From a symbolic meaning it would be much more powerful if the comments were on his site, but he doesn't want to play that way. Yes there was cheering for a little bit :-)


Yah - hard to defend it when he contradicts himself. I guess what Seth Godin is trying to tell you is that for the small time bloggers having comments helps boost traffic, but he doesn't need that kind of boost!!


I think it depends on your audience. In a lot of cases, comments are needed. If you want to build a community, then have a forum (e.g. take a look at joelonsoftware's "blog." He has articles and if you want to comment on them, you simply go to the forums.

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