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Just thought I'd clarify a little. I'm not standing behind the fake myspace page as a great advertising tool. And I agree, there are probably far better ways to utilize the network than just throwing a page into the wind. I also agree that the people who signed the petition are probably more likely to think back to the car than those who have Git as a friend.

But lets look at the other side of the coin. There are now 90,000 people who have a little crab in their myspace line-up. They're going to see it what, once a week? Once every couple of days? That's a lot of exposure. Even if just a small portion of those people associate the crab with Honda, there's those extra couple of people who are going to think about an Element (or just Honda) when they're browsing myspace and searching for a new car in the same sitting.

Do I think its a great piece of advertising? No. Do I think its pretty much downright lame? Yeah, I think I could agree with that. Do I think it might be minimally effective at absolutely no cost? Yup, there's a chance of that too. But then, what about this campaign as a whole is ground-breaking, earth-shattering, or otherwise reaching beyond getting the job done? (Ok, they were some of the first to use the "tune your radio to..." billboards)


Thanks for the post. I too love cheap or free advertising and that's exactly what they are getting. Thanks again for visiting....


i'm waiting for some car company to make a really bold move and ask their 90 million friends how they can make better cars, and then give customers what they want. when they have great cars that get great mileage and rarely break down or cause accidents, they can be as silly as they want. maybe i'm just crabby

Nicely done....


I have been following the thread of these discussions from c-list blogger to D-list blogger (you know who you are) and I am mystified. If the metrics of numbers was not mentioned (90K) you would use it against the crab profile or the bk profile or the Square. These is a fun, branding pieces, and again, if you don't want to participate, you don't need to. I personally don't have the crab as a friend, but I have jack in the box. This is advertising people, and a completely different channel from R&D. Not trying to save the planet with a crab. Your assertion only underscores your inability to follow discrete channels in large corporations.

The thing that cracks me up is what I am learning about marketing bloggers. It seems you all either go to glamour shots or run your pic through a photoshop pencil sketch filter, drop a G on a blog to write about things you want people to believe you know about but obviously don't. (pardon my run-on mr. pardon my french)

At least these guys are out there making a difference, making changes, making mistakes. But you sit there with the luxury of simply commenting and never taking risks. Nobody likes pundits.

I used to think people who can do, and people who can't teach. I now realize that people who can't seem to blog as well.

The only intelligent thing coming from this blog is your choice to wear black. It is quite slimming.

p.s. The name of the blog is Gil. Obviously, you picked up the typo from the last blog. Great work checking your sources, and it is obviously you never visited this sit before trashing it.


Jeff R.
Princeton class of '07 and Myspace user.

Wow - such hostility. Obviously I visited the page a few times and carried the same typo through. You'll notice that I did use the term Gil at least once above. My bad. No excuse, but I do have to work for a living you know?

I think buying and running $130 million worth of successful online media over the past 5 years does make me an expert doesn't it? When you leave school and have to deliver on objectives maybe you'll see that life is more than just a crab profile page. A marketing campaign that costs next to nothing can hardly be described as risky. I should know because I've run my share of risking campaigns.

BTW - yes black is very slimming. I've been wearing it for years through fat and skinny times. And, no the photo was not touched up. Thanks for commenting.


When I was young, I was so excited about the future and about trying something new. I wasn't scared and I didn't measure my self-worth by what I had accomplished in my career. But, now I’m older and I understand that it is better to be bitter and that it is important that my car is bigger or faster than yours and that it really doesn’t matter what I say as long as I can figure out how to blog. It is fantastic that the world wide web as re-invented it self for the fourth time and that all the “cool kids” call this new evolution web 2.0. Before this, you actually had to know something about the web to publish yourself now anyone can create a web page and spout their trifle rants about whatever they choose.

Media always thinks they know creative better than creative, creative always thinks they know the audience better than account… and account always thinks they know everything. Media is great. It’s social; it’s getting to go to premiers and fine dinners… media peeps are just like ma and pa back in TN. Because, I may buy lots of ad space on MSN or MTV then I know more than you. I can’t tell you how rewarding that must be.

Well, I think Crispin did a great job with this campaign. I enjoyed it as much as the subversive chicken nonsense.


Wow Stan,

Thanks for the long post. Crispin has done a lot more creative campaigns than Gil the Crab. As I wrote above, this is neither ground breaking nor creatively designed. However, if you liked it more than subservient chicken, than that's just great. The chicken nonsense as you wrote, was much more breakthrough, help Burger King push chicken sales, and studied in the advertising world. I've personally seen Crispin present their Chicken strategy at numerous conferences and sadly Gil the Crab is not going to show up on any of the rubber chicken circuits.


Hey, frenchman since you brought up schools, just wondering where you went. Not a leading question by any means.

By the way, what is a media guy doing commenting on creative? That is a leading question.

Oh, and I'm guessing Trenton State on the first point.


Be a good "subservient blogger" and please answer my questions. And before you call people out for being hostile, check your own backyard. I consider your blog entry to be highly combatitive and inciteful. And you got what you wished for.

On the plus side, you are making my senior thesis quite fun to work on. So is your self-important friend with the crazy hair. I may actually like you guys. I hope you feel the same about me.


On a personal note, you have amazing eyes.


You made me laugh. Not sure why because you are starting to worry me. Since you are working on your senior thesis, allow me to answer your business question which is "why is a media guy commenting on creative?"

I'm not exactly a media guy, but that is where I often focus. While the creative I've designed in my life would best be described as homegrown, I've directed many creative agencies and creative directors. Plus, I have certain standards for building good creatives that are based on my experience. As you will find out, creative agencies need direction from the marketing team and approval of the creatives.

Good internet advertising is not just the result of pulling the right trigger on a section of the marketing mix. Media, creative, offer, targeting, and optimization all play an important role and a good campaign needs at least 3 of the above to perform at an acceptable standard.

Jeff, I'm sure you can find better social networking marketing examples than Gil The Crab. I'd be more than interested to know what you think are best in class marketing examples on MySpace.


Do you think Crispin has lost their "edge" with this gil the crab thing? Or do you think that they think that the internet is just a fad?

Conference talk about subservient chicken? What kind of conferences? Do regular people go or just media folks?

I'm thinking that digital watches are the next big thing... we just need to figure out how to advertise on them.

Thanks for writing back to me.


Dad? May I call you that, because throughout all of this, I considered you a father figure. Perhaps that is why I was so hostile in the beginning.

I think we have made some inroads, and for that I am thankful. You are a smart, classy guy (although I'm not sure about the goatee lol)

Ok, here's my take, now that we are friends. The crispin thing, it was cool and a great use of AI, however, the message was lost in translation for many. I bet most people who read your blog don't equate the "have it your way" mantra with "ask me anything and I will do" on the chicken site. It was a good pr campaign, and basically crispin is goodby from a few years back, they shit and people fawn over it (didn't mean to go there)

The thing I liked about the crab is that myspace was just a vehicle, and not the destination. The commercial made me laugh, the blog entries were very intelligent, and the save the crab, the smoking gun and the other properties were interrelated and thorougly thought out. It was captivating. It was a story told through myspace, a personal page (save the crab) flickr, cafepress, etc. It felt real. And I was fascinated with the idea and execution. I only ask that you remove it from a "myspace campaign" and look at the breadth of the work. Seriously. I think we are very similar, and although I have been a bit of a smartass, I think we have equal measure of what is good. The best practice is the practice that feels most natural, and that for me is the crab. I sent an e-mail and got it back from the crab. There was no divide.

As for the crispin chicken, what good is that for BK? How many people said, "show me your tits, "jack off" or something equally offensive? Nobody got the have it your way. I think that is why people are so dumb. Advertisers treat them that way.

But I think the crab was a well-thought out overall campaign, and I encourage you to explore the way I did, and I think you might see just how precise this campaign was.



p.s. You are way more intelligent that Blockman. Seriously, you should disassociate yourself from her. She makes me sad with her self-importance. But you, I have grown to respect you.

By the way, I will graduate from Princeton at 20. I'm still a youngster.

Look at it again, and write a new review. I will respect you even more.


I'm re-reading all of the comments. I think that I may have missed something.

Jeff, this is not a dating site... you should check out eHarmony or Yahoo! Personals.

Seriously, I was very much enjoying the healthy debate that you two were having. But, I thinking now that it was all contrived. My guess is that French has more to do with this git/gil campaign than he has lead us to beleive. I'm guessing that you and French know eachother and that this is just another manufactured site/story/discussion.

Who do you guys work for? Is anything real?


No Stan none of this was staged. All of the comments are real. Typically, when I make a post regarding MySpace, I get a lot of negative feedback and often it is misplaced or illogical. However, Jeff's feedback through all of the funny remarks provided valuable insight and analysis on Gil's page.

I don't think Crispin lost their edge. I'm just trying to focus on driving objectives - car sales, visits to the show room, etc. Clearly as Jeff points out that there was/is more to the campaign than Gil's MySpace page. They have a handle on social networking.

Jeff, I will make a follow-up post on Gil that refers to the comments in this post. I think you do a very good job on a review. Thanks for the comments.


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