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I don't need your link...who's been lyin' to you man? ;)

Yah...Mr. Top 100 Technorati....

I always enjoy reading your content - that's what matters not the traffic, right?

Eric did you read my last post about Ernie's blog? It's all about the readers man.

Yes - amazing story. It is about the readers. One of things I noticed when I was on vacation this summer is the amount of traffic I was receiving from searches on posts that I've made. I had a renewed interest in writing my own commentary on subjects rather than just linking to posts that will deliver traffic. Plus, a large % of my readers are now on RSS and email and that traffic doesn't pop up in Alexa ratings....so, it really is about unique content as I tell some of my clients...


hey eric: thanks for the link love. yeah, i had kinda noticed that you don't agree with my political views. :>)

Politics makes strange blogfellows....


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