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Education? Check out Dudeney Ge over at EduNation ;-)


SL *is* a good place to teach classes and learn stuff. Forget the rest of the hype. :-)

Welcome to the fun of owning land in Second Life. I do think it changes your outlook on the whole world once you have a place to call your own and can make it your own. It's a very powerful shift in the way you think.

There is a lot of great things happening in the educational space and SL. Having recently left an academic institution who was investigating Second Life as an option it's a very exciting time.

Have fun shopping and decorating.

I was speaking with co-workers about this post today and you won't believe the interest I raised. What was eye opening to everyone was the ability to meet in a Second Life and review presentations and whatever else is done in a meeting (conference meeting bingo). CC, I agree with you that I think the opportunities are endless in an educational environment. Taran, thanks for the link. Not the one I was referring to, but a good one to browse.


Relationships count. When asked for three factors that influence their online purchases, 62% chose familiarity with vendor. 39% gave the opinions of friends and colleagues a major role. Only 21% said emails and coupons were influential. Makes sense to me. A coupon from an unknown does not impress yours truly. A sales- pitch email from an unknown is likely to be deleted. However, a coupon from a desired and trusted source might even get me to cough up my email address. The reverse is not true.

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