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Uhh, two points.

First, avatar or not, I'm a real person. Granted, I'm not a resident of the USA, and thus not eligible to vote for any canditates there, but I'm no less a real person than if we were communicating by email, post, telephone, or (heaven forfend) a blog comment.

Second, we're actually rather an older crowd. The median age is 32, and the mode is 36. I know of one as old as 83. It's only fairly recently that we've been getting larger influxes of the younger crowd. Sure, the majority of the residents may well be techies, but they're generally older techies.

Otherwise on a sheer numerical basis, indeed. However - as we know in political campaigning - image multiplies reach. Being photographed next to an avatar might be no more effective to that person than shaking their hand RL, but the fact that you broke with tradition and did it at all may have a lot more sway (for better or worse) with people who've never yet set foot in SL.

Fair enough on your comments Tateru, however I think a median age of 32 is young; I guess that's what happens when you hit the big 40 in RL. You need numbers to win an election and they are not there yet on SL. I for one see little value in meeting a virtual version of a candidate; there is still nothing like being there in person. Again, the equivalent of watching a streaming video of a Springsteen concert or being there live and in person.


P.S. - Thanks for your comments. They were very appropriate.

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