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Amen. Amen. Amen. I was relieved to see that I'm not the only person who finds these ads more annoying than anything on the Internet, and that's saying a lot. Now, of course, LowerMyBills has come up with a new irritation: the moving fountain pen that writes "Calculate your new payment" on everything from rooftops to shaved heads. Who on earth is in charge of their ad campaign? And why is he/she still employed?

I want to start a campaign of my own where all sites that feature these abominations are boycotted. It's the only way to get through to them. Care to join me?

Count me in Deb. I'll even help you with the boycott


edit your hosts file to block the dancing idiots ad

Windows XP keeps the file in the C:\\Windows\\System32\\Drivers\\Etc folder.

The following line will stop the the dancing mortgage people and any other advertiser using the same broker: ad.doubleclick.net

just add that line below the last line in the file, youll never see their ad again

Did you know that if you take off the first two letters of "lowermybills" you get "wermybills"? Or you could just do: "Lo! Wermy Bills!"

If you're looking for the classic LowerMyBills ads (circa 2006-2008), check out my archive of online ads. I've got over 75 LMB classics posted for reminiscing and ranting.


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