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Good to see another baseball fan, and one impassioned enough to write about the self centered BBWA, who are empowered to select the members of the hall of fame. I agree some of these guys vote on a lark, and don't seem to take this seriously. For instance, two writers turned in a blank tally sheet, to ensure Gwynn and Ripken were not unanimously selected. Even if two guys stood on alledged principle, how is it possible that 6 more voters left Ripken off their ballots and 11 left Gwynn off. Idiots seems to be the only explanation.

But hey that is just me.

Those are the same people who won't vote Gwynn and Ripken in unanimously. There's no justification for them NOT being in the HOF, so those that didn't vote for them were doing so out of either a) sheer defiance or b) to create a controversy where there is none. Either way it is self serving.

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