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Great point of comparing this deal and the Baby Bell's trying to rebuild the mothership 25 years after their birth.

I also agree that the merging of these two companies is both the right decision from the business perspective and for the consumer. I have honestly held off committing to one or the other because I was unsure of who would prevail. I did not want to own a beta tape at the end of the day.

The FCC seems to be a self serving, load of crap who only really seems interested in own self-perpetuation or pandering to the political party in control. You are correct that the true competition for satellite is FM radio, not other sattelite stations. And if it was any other way, then they should allow Clear Channel, and CBS and other major station owners to purchase a satelite license, though I am guessing the terrestial owners would find a way to screw it up, but hey that is just me.


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