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I agree 100% that if you want the truth, you need to scour multiple news sources and opinion columns in order for you to extrapolate what is really happening. It is quite sad, since the MSM has become so partisan in order to drive ratings. Whatever happened to a news organization that is truly interested in delivering just facts, not skewed opinions?

IMHO, the reason the privacy report was swept under the rug in many newspapers is that the privacy commission was set up by the president. So most organizations and individuals (including myself) don't give that particular committee much credit, since it is just a puppet. Pretty sad, since it was originally intended to be an honest watchdog proposed in the 9/11 commission report. Cie Le Vie, politics as usual I suppose


I thought the same thing regarding the privacy report, but then I thought, well why not come out an blast it saying of course it wasn't an honest assessment? Nobody did that either. The Times came close but even their article didn't have their usual bite.



That is a very good point, that someone in the MSM should have come out and called them to the carpet for what they are, but that did not happen either. Makes me wonder if our personal privacy is being usurped and the media has just accepted it. What is even more odd, is that EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) does not have a blurb about this on there website, and I have been kind of looking at them as the privacy advocates. I think I will ping them to get an opinion on this piece.


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