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sucks to be wrong, doesn't it?

apple delivered.

Nah - I'm not wrong yet. I always thought Apple would deliver; AT&T is another story. From my post:

In the end, Apple WINS BIG and AT&T BARELY SURVIVES until a cheaper phone shows up.


I just bought an iPhone...I got the 8GB model. I showed 2 people in the office, who told others and I've gotten non-stop people stopping by. 3 people just left to go to the Apple store to buy phones of their own. Yeah, AT&T's network is slow, but this phone ROCKS! "Amazing" is the only word that describes it.

People will find the $500 to buy one. I'll bet the price comes down a bit right before Christmas when all of the kids will get one. 2 years ago I spent $1200 on 4 iPods with accessories for the family. Yesterday I spent $1200 on 2 iPhones. The iPhones are WAY better! The only other phone that comes close is the Blackberry, but the iPhone blows it away.

I think I need a Mac now.


Nicely done. I'm glad everything is working for you. A fellow co-worker bought one but it doesn't work yet because of AT&T. I'm happy with my Treo right now, plus it works with Outlook...


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