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Misery. I once spent 5.5 hours on the tarmac in St.Louis. They lied and herded us on onto the flight when they new bad weather had closed the inbound traffic to our destination airport.

On an unrelated topic, did you read this: http://www.mediabuyerplanner.com/2007/06/13/higher-conversion-rates-when-ads-viewed-across-multiple-sites/

Is this surprising to you or not. I remember reading you say the high overlap would be a factor in excluding a publisher.


I was a little surprised, but my data points may be a little dated. I'll still stick by my premise after reviewing the report until I see my own data in action. The two charts showed that when you have multiple placements your conversion goes up a lot more than across multiple sites. So, I'd use a combination of my rule which says eliminate high duplication sites and then within the left over sites, go as deep as possible.

Thanks for the question.


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