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You critique an ad you have actually uploaded on your site, and you STILL misquote it? By the way, what is your fascination with Jared? Are you a former fatty who feels scorned by the new subway ads? Well if so, take heart, Subway isn't breaking up with you, they just want to go in another direction, it's called marketing, former fatty. Perhaps you could build a rapport with McDonalds, they are leaning toward the healthier side and if you fall off the wagon, what better comfort food than a greasy meat patty? Think about that.

Beat that Jared or Take that Jared, well you got me there. I wrote this post first and then after finishing it the ad came on and I recorded it. Sorry about the bad editing.

I actually like the ad from a creative perspective. My commentary has more to do with their strategy to shift away from a healthier lunch alternative. They've spent years building up that platform and now it looks like they are leaving that behind which is risky, no?

As you pointed out, McDonald's is trying to go healthy and Subway is going fatty. See I always thought McDonald's wasn't trying to change who they are (fatty burgers) but it appears Subway is trying to change who they are (healthier fast food). Don't you find that shift in strategy interesting?

I did, hence the post. And no, I'm not a former fatty and try my best to avoid fast foods, Subway or McDonald's. However, I will indulge in Pizza!!! Thanks for the post.


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