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2007-12-18 Links and posts as well as todays ... All great.

Mayhap ye could actually focus your blog on such things rather than some of the nonsensical myopic woe's otherwise posted. I mean not to offend, however; it does seem as though posted from behind some self-exiled bastion of woe in hopes of confirmation for things that really do not fucking matter. Devote your blog to Your man McCain . . . Or Create another in support of such.


I just emailed the person who I thought left this comment, but just in case I got in wrong, here's a response...

Problem is that the blog itself has a vast array of followers – some telecom, some finance, some political, and some internet advertising; plus, while I do work and support John McCain you never know what happens once other campaigns drop out and McCain wins the nomination. I've learned a lot of things in the past 2 years, but one of them is that the political marketing world is very small and everyone knows each other. For now, I'll keep to political marketing posts; that could change later on, but we'll keep it that way for a little while.



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