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Hi Eric,
I've been receiving the Rachael robocalls, and I started responding 9 to them to get to an agent. Eventually I got to an agent that would talk to me and I expressed my fear that this was a scam. He checked with his management and then gave me a callback number of 877-debtok2 ext 817 and a business name of DHC financial services out of florida. He suggested I check out their website at http://dhcfinancial.com/ .
Sunbiz.org list the owners of this LLC as Michael S. Finn, Miquel Correa and Jim Stone. Michael S. Finn incorportated EVOCON the same day he incorporated DHC Financial Services LLC, and his personal info is readily available on the web if you search for his name and EVOCON

I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry. I think the
company should be shut down as an example. I receive calls
from "Rachel" every couple of weeks. Several times, I
asked to be removed from their list, and was told I was.
The calls continue. Now, when I ask for contact information,
they simply hang up on me. What use is a National Do Not
Call registry if there's no way to identify who's calling

I have been harassed repeatedly by Cardholder Services in violation of Do Not Call. Today, I read the woman at the other end off (but no threats other than reporting them to law enforcement and for violating Do Not Call) in the hope that they might stop. A few minutes later, a man called me back and began to read me off for trash-talking "his girl." I told him that, as they were making harassing phone calls I would speak to her and to him in any manner I chose. At some point in this heated exchange, he said, "I am going to send somebody to your house to kill you." I replied, "You have just committed a felony," at which point he hung up.


Cardholder Services has given me the phone numbers of innocent third parties with no connections to them.

Hello to all fans of Rachel. (NOT!!) Rachel is a recording for a company based out of Florida.
With my laptop and the Internet I have done some research on Rachel and I found that
Michael S Finn, Jim Stone and Miguel A Corra are connected to a company named DHCS Financial Services Group, LLC 407-375-7871 Based out of Orlando, Florida the company I mentioned before is also connected to a company named EVOCON with the same named officers with in that company Incorporated by Jim Stone, Michael S Finn, Dhc Financial Services Group, LLC is located at 7512 Dr Phillips Blvd Ste 50-220 Orlando, FL 32819. Dhc Financial Services Group, LLC was incorporated on Wednesday, April 01, 2009 in the State of FL and is currently active. Michael S Finn represents Dhc Financial Services Group, LLC as their registered agent.
7512 Dr Phillips Blvd Ste 50-220
Orlando, FL 32819
Michael S. Finn
DHC Financial has two other names on it as follows; Jim Stone and Miguel Corra, Jim Stone's name appears on Stone and Youngberg LLC, Miguel A Corra does not appear on any other LLC.
EVOCON has one other name on it Camilla Finn.
Financial Solutions of America has two other names on it besides Michael S Finn; they are as follows; Lawrence Spalla and Michael J Gasdick.
LAWRENCE SPALLA's name also appears on Entrav, LLC along with Michael J. Gasdick and Michael S. Fino (which is too much of a coincidence and too close to Finn).
Michael J. Gasdick's name also appears on the following other Companies;
Bear creek Mortgage (along with Aaron Tolbert and Jeffery Goldstein), Eagle Eye Management Inc., New Millennium Development, Credit Card Assistance of America LLC.
All of these companies are based out of Orlando Florida personally I think we should just fuck with them like they fuck with us I have thought of forwarding all of my calls to the white house or CIA or FBI then maybe the government might do something about this.
I started working on this am 6/16/2010 when they woke me up at 8:15 when I did not get to bed until 5:30 I really would love to shove a cactus the size of my leg up their asses just to see the look on their faces.
There is one way you can stop them from calling
1. Change your number and don’t give it to anybody other than family or you can do this.
2. Check and see if your cell or home service has call interrupt it is a service that screens all calls and you take the ones you want.
3. Let them keep calling you and just ignore it but in the meantime apply for a free Google number they are free and not traceable and continue to put up with their BS until you get your Google number. Then once you have the Google number you change all cell phone numbers and home numbers.
4. Then after that you can control your phone calls when you attach your Google number to your cell you can txt from your computer to any cell number and your Google number will be the return number then once you connect your cell to the Google number you can still txt from your cell and the return number will be your Google number keeping your cell number free and unknown it cannot be traced at all if they happen to call you and your Google number is the number called they will be prompt to leave their name if you want the call you can if not you can ignore it only my family is getting my cell number and everybody else will get my Google number


Their “real” phone number is:
(877) 748-2626
That should actually go through!

Report them to the FTC!

When I called this #, I simply stated that through my research I suspected they were connected the the annoying "Card Services" calls I had been getting. She didn't deny it - instead asked if I wanted placed on their do not call list. Forwarded this info to the FTC as well

If you notice their caller ID changes everytime they call. So why does AT&T allow outbound only telemarketing to get a fresh number everyday? If you and I changed our name everyday somebody would smell like smoke!
AT$T is somebody who could stop the likes of this. I suggest putting pressure on them.

I just got off the phone with these lovely people, having BS'd my way into actually being permitted to talk to a "senior account representative" by feeding the sale rep a fake credit card number (google "Graham king credit card numbers" to find a page of randomly-generated invalid numbers with valid CC-number format. Use with any random card exp. date and fake name).

The "details" of their offer are that they're going to charge $600 to your credit card, based on the promise of saving you at least $1,200 in interest, by allegedly lowering your interest rates to some absurd amount like 0.9%. So, $600 up front, but "savings eternal". Yeah right.

Having BS'd the rep into thinking he was about to close the sale, I asked him for the company information...and he gave it to me! LOL.

Associated Accounting Specialists, Inc.
Port Saint Lucie, FL
According to corporationwiki, their address is
146 NW Central Park Plz Ste 201
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986

Active officers include Robert W Page, Danielle D Page, Jason R Page, Ryan J Page and William R Page. Corporation is a domestic FL corp.

According to "florida-annual-report DOT com" the full info on their corporation is:
This information is current as of November 18, 2011.
Status: Active Filing Date: 08/11/2011
Entity Type: Profit Corporation File Number: P11000072127
Company Age: 5 Months
Principal Address: 146 Nw Central Pk Plz
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Mailing Address: 146 Nw Central Pk Plz
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Registered Agent:
Page, William R
146 Nw Central Park Plz
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Page, Danielle D
5939 Nw Center St
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Page, Jason R
1235 Sw Briarwood Dr
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Vice President
Page, Robert W
5939 Nw Center St
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Page, Ryan J
5939 Nw Center St
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
Page, William R
32 Center Ave
Burlington, NJ 08016

Enjoy the information

i'm sorry but all you guys are going about it the wrong way.....and are looking at the wrong people....do the research.... the only way to end their game is to go to the top of the ladder...i'll need your help to spread the word so this company can be shut down for good if you have a facebook or twitter or any other such ... i heard theres a page for it on facebook.....please help ....heres what i found out with my phc first CARD HOLDER SERVICES is what i .. call a lacky... IT IS OWNED BY SOMEONE ELSE , SO IT CAN BE HIDDEN. the owner is terremark co. .....and TERREMARK IS ALSO OWNED BY SOMEONE ELSE.......TO HIDE ITSELF. and Ta Da the owner is:::::::VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC. your LOVELY cell phone provider.... guess its an easy way to STEAL....the CEO of verizon is Lowell C. McAdam and only GOD has his phone number cause i cannot find it.... i did find the number to his " mouthpiece" who talks for him his name is Demetrius polinick and the number is 1-888-483-7770 i talked to this guy and told him of the problems i was having with CHS ie: Terremark co. ie: verizon inc. and told him if i didn't quit recieving calls from them that i would sue anyone and everyone involved including mr.McAdam that was approx 3 months or so ago and i haven't recieved anymore calls and they quit calling that day that i called SPREAD THE WORD SO THESE THEIVES CAN BE PUT IN THEIR PLACE YOUR welcome.....ME

This information regarding Cardholder service and Verizon/Terremark is incorrect. I called Mr. Polinick and he provided some information from the FTC and FCC on this. http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DA-07-977A1.pdf



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