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I am surprised to hear you had such a long wait at Mia. I have eaten there on many Friday and Saturday nights and usually finish all courses (including dessert) within 1 1/2 hours. The owner is quite visible throughout the evening and takes time to visit each table; in fact, she usually takes the food orders herself as if you were dining within her own kitchen. I do think they prefer a more relaxed and savory approach to the dining experience, in contrast with restaurants that aim to rush your meal so the table can turnover to the next group. Still, maybe they were having an "off" night when you dined there. I do hope that you consider giving Mia another chance in the future as the food and service are usually fantastic.


Yes she did take our order and yes the relaxed approach is as you described. We did try and work with the owner but to no avail. That's why we left and haven't been back since. My father lives nearby so in the over 2 1/2 months since I've written that post we haven't been back.


I am from Florida and was visiting in New Jersey the weekend of Nov.13th. Our family
had a party for about 70 people at Mia Restaurant of Oceanport. We all had a wonderful time. The food was excellant as was the service. Every person that I spoke
to agreed that they would love to go back and have dinner again . The next time I
visit my family I will request that they take me to dinner at Mia.

Hi Sheila,

I'm happy you and your family enjoyed your dinner. The post I made was almost 3 years ago so I hope Mia made changes; the food was always superior. Unfortunately, we will probably never return but not due to the post - we have no reason ever to return to Oceanport.

Thanks for the comment,


Sorry to hear the above complaint about Mia's. I am shocked because we have always had a great experience there. I can tell you that the food is delicious and authentic fresh quality cooking. We have never had a bad meal there. The owner & the staff are personable, beyond what most restaurants are. I had a party for my husband's 50th this year there & every single guest was happy. I am also having another party there this December. What I like about it most, is that you never will get rushed out of there, while at other restaurants in New Jersey rush you to get to the next table.


We love Mia's so much that after being married on our deck at home, we went to dinner at Mia's with a small group of family. The food and the service have always been fantastic. Give it another try.

We were four for Dinner last Saturday evening. They checked our reservation, and brought us to our table promptly where we were immediately served warm bread with butter and a tasty olive oil. Our bottle of wine was opened for us and the glasses were extremely clean, as it should be. We shared appetizers, and our entrees were served soon after. Of the four entrees, one was the night's special, the others off their regular menu. Everything was very good and we really enjoyed the meals and environment. When we left almost every table was filled with happy people.
We cannot understand the complaints by others. We have been here several times with similar experience as we had on Saturday.

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