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Sorry, we can't have a dialog where one side of the conversation gets to make up the terms. As much as we need to have a conversation about the rights and obligations of cyclists and motorists, we can't do it without a common language. And if motoring advocates refuse to distinguish between "I want" and "you must", then we don't have a common language. When Michael, the writer you quote, says "signal", "obey the signs", "use lights at night", he refers to requirements the law imposes. When he demands that...

Some folks believe that newborn kittens, just like newborn humans, find comfort and security in the sound of their mothers’ and their siblings’ heartbeats. That the heartbeat, real or simulated, improves their chances for survival. I can’ t help but believe that this must also be true for the rest of us, including, if not especially, the elderly among us. There is comfort and healing in the very heartbeats of those we love,— spouses, children, grandparents, lovers, pets— and the closer to the heart we keep...

Thank you for an excellent Disney article and I'm very sorry to hear about your cat. Recently we had to put down our 17 year old dog.

All the best to you,

yes i am so sorry. I have to agree with you on disney customer service. they are so good.

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