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don't worry - more stats coming soon. We wouldn't leave you data freaks with just this level of detail! :)

Thanks Hunter. I know it is there somewhere!!


Hi eric -

we just added another important part to the Insight tool - the ability to see referral information on your video and the links/search terms/etc that are driving traffic to it.

Here's the blog post: http://www.youtube.com/blog?entry=P1y1CU54Fhg


Wont sites like tubemogul and vidmetrix give this to you? I think they provide much more of detailed demographics, comments, total views every 3 hours etc. For those aspiring people wanting to get site traffic and make money with videos on Youtube and Metacafe etc, read this detailed step by step instruction ... http://www.successonline.in/driving-traffic-from-youtube-and-your-videos/

Those graphs look a lot like TubeMogul. That is one of its better features.

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