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What would be the best *change* to take place to make opportunity better on Socnets such as Facebook?
You see any value going about it in another manner? Think it is something someone could find a way 'individually' so to speak to work around and create something that works even if the socnet itself isn't on board?

Personally I think a large part of it is not only what you mentioned but also the 'style' of ads etc.

I tend to think of Myspace and Facebook like Walmart and Target...myspace being walmart and facebook being target. Myspace tends to have a lil better functionality . . .Target tends to have a lil better content. I have found, and I have no data to back this up other than my own experience....that Facebook especially in the political realm is much easier to find actual 'participants' etc. You tend to find folks actually seeking to participate in something or willing to. They tend to be less 'silly' etc. The crowd tends to be not as young as well. Myspace I find just the opposite. However, for something like my art business etc...I can go on myspace at any given moment post a bulletin and pick up at least one new contract. They both have their ups and downs. I tend to prefer facebook. One would think they would be quite eager to jump all over the suggestions you have made

You are becoming quite a stalker now :-)

I think for display ads it is a dead area. Response rates are abysmal and their CPMs are dropping to rock bottom rates due to the law of supply and demand. However, it is great for communicating with your base of customers and getting customers to wear your badge. Use the tools that are there, but the same old display ads are a waste of your marketing dollars.



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