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Yes, they wrote me. I have no idea where they got my address or name since my brother lived in another state. I just threw the letter in the trash. Where were they when my brother and sister had to pay for the funeral. When they help me pay for the back taxes he owed the IRS and the funeral, and lawyer, I'll think about it!

I just wonder if Discover got any bail out money? Maybe they could take some of the huge bonuses that the CEOs get to pay deceased debts!

I just received a call about my deceased mother's estate from DCM. I told the woman that my mother died last year. Her estate has been through probate court and the estate is closed. I gave them the name of the lawyer and his phone number. The lawyer had told us that once the estate has gone through probate,a collector that has not filed a claim before it closed will be out of luck. If you continue to be harassed contact the BBB and a lawyer.

My mother died about 2 months ago. Today DCM called the house, where a helpful but clueless relative thought it was the funeral home calling and gave these people my cell number. Nice. I didn't answer because I didn't know the calling number. They didn't leave a message.

Many people here mention Discovery card as the creditor. My mom was poor and didn't work so she had no credit and thus no credit cards whatsoever. No loans. Nothing. I am not kidding when I say nothing. So I have no idea what debt DCM thinks she might owe. Maybe medical bills from the end when she was hospitalized. In any case, her estate amounts to some old clothes and a junker old car so there won't be any assets to worry about. She rented, did not own a house. No jewels. Nothing of value.

Someone above mentioned life insurance. Life insurance pays to the beneficiary, which is NOT always the estate or surviving spouse if there is one. It could be anyone, even people not related. So it's a mistake to assume that life insurance means money to pay off the deceased's debt, unless the beneficiary was the estate itself. If not, too bad for the collectors.

Yes - you need to watch out when DCM calls even if it has nothing to do with Discover card. Regarding insurance (I'm not an attorney), it is a separate contract between the person who writes the policy and the insurance company. The beneficiary form pretty much directs who to pay but of course that can get litigated, I guess. I also don't believe its part of the estate but then again, I'm not an attorney.

Good luck,


Today someone from DCM services contacted my dad's house about my deceased mother's debt. They haven't been married since like 95 or 96. I am the next of kin, she had no will and she had no assets. She did have a LOT of debt. I'm getting kinda worried after reading through all of these comments. I have nothing of hers except for her ashes. Can these people collect anything from me? I'm 23 years old and I damn sure don't have any money, especially because I know she owes thousands.

I received a call from DCM and my sister has been dead for 2 years. She was married and her husband handled all their affairs. If their was any outstanding credit card bill they are still with her husband. I barely spoke to my sister in the past 10yrs and was very upset to have them call an offer their condolences for her death. I really blasted them and asked why are they call me when she has a husband. What do they do search for family members and just call relatives to try an collect money. Again she has been dead 2 years and I couldn't tell you anything about her and her financial affairs so why call me. FYI: caller ID shows "Dantrum Community" with a 1-877 they a now using fake caller ID info to get you to answer....

Nice article Eric, Fine it converts out that he had a Discover bill which was due on August 6th, 2008 and also it has no missed payments on it plus the dollar owed levels up to a few cups of coffee. It appears Discover Greeting card in their endless wisdom can't actually hold off thirty day period passed whenever a love one dies and hands around the account to a collection agency which has the phone skills of a 3 year old kid hyped upwards upon too many candy pubs.

I paid all of the our companies overheads except for a couple of bank cards at home Depot that I had not a thing to try to do with. These people were that for work, I dont know just where the cards are really. Now now, you notice an additional point from a female the time, from DCM Services, claiming a lot the exact same. My sons like to know the reasons why the couple are phoning and also why the couple are speaking so suggest.

I just got a call from DMC and she wouldn't say who her client was so I told her I did't have any information for her either. I'm sure I'll get more calls but won't answer them. DMC has many different phone numbers: 877 326-5171,866-285-2387, 1(800) 651-8125 among others.

I found out from a debt consolidator that the credit card companies are insured for the debt (loss) of a deceased person. My husbands mother passed and we were plagued with collection calls. The debt consolidator said "The estate is NOT responsible for the debt" He told me to write a letter stating this and also not to contact the family again. That stopped the calls and we had no further notifications.

This was very imformative! Thanks
! I just got a call,didn't
Answer from DCM. My husband committed sucide on Jan 9 while I was in the room. I don't need this crap right now. He has a lot of credit card debt in his name only that is close to $70K spread out over 5 cards that are in his name only. Plus I was notified by police that night he passed on the way to the hospital but I'm getting these outrageous bills from the hospital and ER DR's. Total of around 30k. If he passed on the way to the hospital, why am I receiving these outrageous bills. I have my lawyer looking into all of this and will definitely tell him about the call I received from DCM today.

My mother passed away and DCM sent me a letter wanting me to pay bill for something that wasn't ok with the power of attorney for her medical decisions. So I will not pay the bill because they are billing my mother for something that they never contacted the power of attorney for my mother and wasn't not approved.


I am the executor of my late wife's estate. I have received a letter from DCM Services regarding some debt. The letter is very obscure and doesn't state the debt amount or who it is from. She had no will, so everything is coming to me. The house was in her name. My question is can a creditor intervene and cause the house to not be transferred to my name? I'm just curious as to my obligations, here.

I just for a call from DCM today as well, and like the other comments they provided limited information. The guy on the phone wanted my information though to which i said..."send me something". thanks for all of the comments, i don't mind paying if she owed them but if this is because of a discover card i'm going to recommend my mom cancel hers. Very sad we're losing our human connection these days. A simple sharing of information between me and Discover when i called them to inform them my aunt passed could have saved all of us some grief during a very difficult time.

I received a letter today from DCM stating i had passed away and wanted next of kin to collect a debt.t i am not dead.

My grandfather past away last Oct. We haven't recieved any calls and yesterday we recieved a letter from DC just asking who is in charge of his estate.
My grandfat her didn't leave anything when he passed, he didn't have life insurance an estate to pay aNY outstanding bills.
I've let several of his creditors know this and they have stated nicely they will take care of it.

But now I get this letter.

I don't know what to do or think about it.

My sister passed away two years ago in one state. No estate, no assets, - was on disability. There were no outstanding bills as far as we knew. The state and federal gov't cleared whatever it is they do in these matters and my parents moved to another state. Someone from DCM managed to track down my father who a few months ago relocated to another state and called to ask if he was handling her "estate." He said no, he was not, that there was no estate, that she had passed two years earlier and what was this about? DCM said they could only talk to the person responsible for the estate and that they would mark the number as "bad". DCM was polite and has not called back, but really after two years? And to call for someone who had no known debts that the state and federal gov't said matters were settled?

A letter arrived yesterday at my place of employment from DCM Services. They sent condolences for the loss of my boss (by name), however, my boss is not deceased. Might this indicate an ID theft situation? (My boss's name isn't ordinary.)
The other odd thing is that he does not, nor has he ever, had a Discover credit card. Any thoughts?

Look at their obnoxious website! They even have a video on there that is designed to groom the decedent's family! :( I just got two letters from these people today.

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