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Just don't pay them. My sister passed away. I closed her accounts and i'm not liable to pay her bills. They can call (blocked), mail me all they want.

My wife passed away 5 weeks ago. She had some credit cards in her name only and we had a couple of cards in both our names. I paid off the jointly owned cards, but was told by two or three people that I am not responsible for her cards. There is no will, no probate, no estate was set up and no one was named as executor. Am I, by default, the executor and therefore for responsible for the debt on her cards? I ask this because I received a letter from DCM asking for info about who has "authority to pay any outstanding bills of the decedent". I don't want to respond until I am sure of my rights. Should I get a lawyer involved?

Hi Ed, i think you should call a lawyer unless the card balances are too small to be bothered with and then i'd pay them. It may vary state to state. My deceased wife had a toyota in her name that i continued to pay the loan on. I wanted to end up with the car in in the end which I did. I also always assumed if I stopped it would somehow over time be my responsibility - in much the same way any of her assets transferred to me. However, I didn't check with my estate attorney....

Y'all. I worked for them. We collect from the estate. Not you personally. Just because a person has passed, doesn't mean the debt goes away. Be careful how you spend your money before you die. You don't want people calling your loved ones if you think it's so bad. Also, no harassing is involved. We cooperate and accommodate to the fullest if you're honest about the ESTATE.

@former dc rep

none of what you wrote changes what happened in my case and i doubt it changes anyone else's comments either. the bill wasn't late - it was still in the billing cycle. DCM didn't ask for the estate and they tried to collect on something that wasn't due.

in my case (and I'm sure others) they didn't ask to collect from the estate - just collect. they try to pressure people into paying the debt outside of the estate. it is collections above all else.

my one caveat is that this post is now 8-9 years old. perhaps DCM's practices have changed.

While watching TV I got a call from DCM Servics (according to caller ID). The caller said something about my ex-husband's estate. We've been divorced for over 15 years and I never heard anything about him being deceased. (I'll do more checking on that later.) He lives in California (I'm in Florida) and has been remarried since shortly after that. With all of the scams out there I thought I check up on DCM first. Glad I did and found this site. Now I DEFINITELY WON'T call them back. BTW, the number on caller ID was 800-651-7710.

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