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It appears that the Komen toolbar created by Yahoo and FreeCause contains a type of spyware. Specifically, the toolbar hijacks the browser's address bar such that any term entered into the address bar, other than a URL, is surreptitiously redirected through the Komen search engine.

The toolbar edits the browser's config file in Firefox without asking for permission (which no one would rightly give). It uses a different tactic with a similar result with IE.

More troubling is the fact that after the toolbar is uninstalled, the address bar remains hijacked as described above.

The same hijack exists with the following Yahoo-FreeCause toolbars:

- GOP.com toolbar
- Ron Paul toolbar
- AnySoldier.com toolbar
- NRA - ILA toolbar
- Denver Post toolbar
- Gaia Online toolbar
- Special Operations Warrior toolbar
- Autism Awareness toolbar

This is highly unethical, and if not illegal, it certainly should be.

Amazingly this 'hijacking' is done with your permission when you install the toolbar. If people leap into things without reading then they will run into these types of problems. There is nothing illegal nor unethical about installing something that can be prevented by simply reading (the REALLY crazy part is that you can uncheck 3 boxes and have none of that happen, wowzers). As far as the uninstall, I haven't bailed on my organization of choice and done this...however, if you decide to do so I'm sure you can simply click the drop down arrow by the built in IE7 searchbar and change your default provider back to what it was (if this proves too difficult then all you need to do is find the 6 year old nearest to you and have him/her do it for you). It's amazing to me the speed at which people are willing to call someone else criminal/unethical without first looking to themselves and seeing if maybe the problem lies there. Everyone is out to point a finger and get things the way that is easiest for them...grow up, take responsibilities for your own actions and walk away from computers because you obviously weren't born with the necessary apptitude and haven't had the time needed to learn them effectively.

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