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Hola, Eric - so glad to hear that you're increasingly exposed to the value and importance of Hispanic marketing. This is a lesson for all - the Hispanic market is the fastest-growing minority in the U.S. and by 2025, one in four U.S. residents will be Hispanic!

Regarding online consumption, U.S. Hispanics are in general behind the general market curve as a group, but it's been shown that those Latinos who are online are spending MORE TIME online--surfing, comparison shopping, and reading your ads--than the overall population.

Generally speaking the most effective in-language ads are original creative versus translations, although many companies still are not investing in that process, either by not allocating the funds, the time, the resources (HR/outsourcing), or any of the above.

Thanks again for bringing this concept to the forefront!

Lauri Jordana

P.S. We're a Hispanic marketing firm in Seattle, an emerging Hispanic market, and while we're not "raking in the cash" we're doing quite well. ;-)

Thanks Lauri

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