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Mom's right, "Crazy" Well Er..even if they do die, you have some great photos. Oh, and ummm you seem to forget about the fruit trees you killed and a red maple. sis


I happened upon your post and I am thinking about getting a few palms for my yard from Tucked Away. How did the first winter go? Do they look like they've made it through the winter? Thanks.



The winter was very cold and I should have built my shelter a little better. They survived but a lot of the leaves have frost burn (ie they are brown). I'm giving them more time to see if green leaves push through, otherwise I'll replace them.

My biggest piece of advice is to pay Joe to build your shelter for you. It will cost you slightly more money, but will make sure your trees make it. That's what I'll do this winter.


Hi Eric
Nice seeing you again and as you saw even the palms I have here amoung other even more hardy plants were cold damaged from this freaky winter.
palms are a great plant and look fabulous in our gardens they take a bit more care but they do survive and thrive near us. (but winters are rough) so POOH to mom & sis LOL we maybe crazy but so was edison, bell, and even gates.... without them we wouldnt be enjoying your blog.

Img_2060 The Palm Trees aren't cheap and require a lot of care especially for the first two winters.

I was in Ireland and Northern Ireland earlier this week. And I noticed a lot of houses had palms outside. So I was wondering what kind of palms it might have been? I mean it must be a type that can survive in cold weather.

You know I usually don't like obvious spam comments, but this is a first from an online pharmacy.

I believe the palms are special hybrid palms that can survive the cold down to the teens. First few years we've covered them and after this past winter in the US they look great. If your winters are in the 30s or higher, I'd have no worries. NJ is on that line, so I protect them for the really cold weathers.

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