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Eric --

I appreciate your expertise in this space and I believe you may have misinterpreted my remarks.

First off, the reporter reached out to both campaigns for comment: "Neither campaign responded to a request for comment from Politico." That's your choice. I'm not sure how you argue that I'm just trying to get "face time in the press" because a reporter calls me.

Second, posting my full comments may help put the comments into context:

But Republican new media consultant David All thinks one reason for the price difference may be that the McCain campaign itself is bidding up the price of “John McCain” related ads.

“It’s a free market, and John McCain’s campaign has said very publicly that they’re investing resource[s] into online advertising,” says All.

He argues that’s a smart bet for the McCain team: they’re clearly getting a healthy click-though rate for their ads. And they seem aggressive: one of the ads viewers see when searching for “Barack Obama” looks as if it was placed by the McCain campaign. “Obama for president?” the ad asks. “Why not learn more about John McCain for president.” The ad links to McCain’s campaign website.

Though not published, I pointed out the facts that you all have said very publicly that you're getting an ROI of 4:1 for online advertising -- and that's a relevant point to note when talking about online advertising. Those results are difficult to argue with.

With regard to competition for "John McCain" I pointed out that the RNC Convention -- for example -- along with many other advertisers are/were bidding on the term (we were for a client) which is one of the factors likely responsible for driving the cost of the keyword up.

At the end of the day -- you all are getting a solid ROI so it doesn't really matter the cost as long as it continues to produce those results, right?

Anyway, I hope this helps clarify my comments. If I'm off-base, feel free to email me at David at DavidAllGroup.com.



Purposely bidding up the price an advertiser pays is a ridiculous tactic and to even suggest it in an interview is off-base; even when you print the full extent of the quote. There are multiple variables that Google uses to determine your actual CPC so just increasing your maximum bid price as you suggested that we do is just not something anyone should focus on even when measuring ROI.


Any idea which firm is buying online advertising for the GOP Convention?

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It’s a free market, and John McCain’s campaign has said very publicly that they’re investing resources into online advertising, says All.

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@Eric - Thank you for the follow up and shedding some information on the McCain strategy. Wish I had found this earlier, but just updated my post on the difference in paid search campaigns between Obama and McCain today on Election Day. Don't want to spam your links, but would love your thoughts.

Anyway, I hope this helps clarify my comments. Those results are difficult to argue with.

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This is a good article. He argues that’s a smart bet for the McCain team: they’re clearly getting a healthy click-though rate for their ads.

Nice BLOG. The McCain campaign or ANY OTHER ADVERTISER does NOT need to bid up the price on their branded keyword.

You are correct bath and body. I spoke with David All and he believes he wasn't quoted properly and as David pointed out to me, Politico called the campaign and nobody was able to take the interview.


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I wish I could really use James Enck's line "from a valued gold plus platinum reader" still I enjoy getting pointers and tips and I won't downplay them. They aren't just valued, they are often priceless. So thanks to a Skype Journal reader who pointed me to these two articles. A few more scribes are starting to get their heads around the Skype- eBay merger and put some dollars on them. / p "With Skype, eBay can expand into the service industries. They can serve attorneys, contractors, dry cleaners, who knows! ...

Very interesting post. I was very curious as to how McCain was utilizing internet marketing for his campaign. I wonder what blunders the Obama administration made as well since they too were not the first online campaigning masterminds as they seemed to claim.


The next presidential elections should be run my the "real" marketing gurus. They should go head to head in a launch style to see who really has the chops.

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