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One of the key skills needed for PPC advertising is the skill of condensing your words to keep them to a minimum. Remember that minimum words will have the maximum impact. Though we are tempted to shout about our businesses off the rooftops, but we must just train ourselves to come up with a catchy slogan that says it all in one short phrases.

Hi Joe,

1) If you'd like to comment on my skills, perhaps posting with your real name and URL to your linkedin profile would be appropriate. I might actually take your posts seriously.
2) I have no problem handling criticism when it is somehow based on an ounce of relevancy or realism. SendTec's post were made for their our self interests to try and get a piece of the advertising pie.
3) My posts in response to their articles are very accurate - why don't you check with Google to get their opinion as a neutral party? Afraid you might not like the answer?
3) I spend no time working my LinkedIn profile as you correctly pointed out.

So, perhaps starting by posting with your real name and website address we could actually have a conversation. My guess is you'd rather not because I'm thinking you are either a MediaPost or SendTec noob.


BTW - here's a link to a video with Peter Greenberger from Google singing our accolades. Perhaps this puts this old topic to bed. Joe via SendTec, you really should gather your facts before attacking an old topic like this; you/SendTec mortally wounds yourself again.



Article about Sendtec:


Sendtec just filed for bankruptcy. Word on the street is they are changing their name and trying to start with a clean slate. Their clients were jumping ship like crazy...

Eric, keep up the unprofessional and immature postings. It is sure to win you future business. You blew the McCain campaign, live with it and stop attacking others. The sooner you acknowledge you did poor work, perhaps you'll begin to deliver better results by learning from your mistakes and building on them. Attacking employees at a company that went bankrupt due to bad financial dealings with investors and greed by its founders doesn't detract from the fact you know little about search engine marketing and why you are little more than an unemployed fool...er...consultant.

Joe, my posts and comments were very accurate.

I'm sorry you didn't agree with them and I'm sorry you could never see my point of view. I have not made a single post regarding SendTec since the going back and forth from the fall campaign and have only responded to your comments .

I am not "attacking" any employees at a bankrupt company and had no clue they filed until Bridget left the comment above. Sorry you seem to think I've paid any more attention to SendTec since I pointed out the errors of their posts or responded to your comments.


Eric, again you need to grow up. It is pretty clear you posted this given there is nobody at SendTec named Bridget Landis. A search on LinkedIn shows a person named Janel Landis works there, not Bridget. You got outed for doing poor work, suck it up and move on. The company goes bankrupt and you clearly want to pile it on.

If you do a search on Sendtec in Google News, you will find that their PR Agency got an award for their analysis of your poorly constructed campaign. Accept the fact you did poor work and be happy they just did a top-level review of your campaign. I think that puts its to rest that you blew it.

As an individual that has worked in the industry longer than you and at a much higher level across a much wider breadth of businesses, your work on the McCain was putrid to say the least. What SendTec didn't nail you for harder was a completely lacking strategy that had no focus or goal. The McCain online campaign failed significantly because you put it out there on a nationally targeted basis, while Obama's was focused in a geo-centric manner. The goal is to generate votes and you did a branding campaign. The reason I know this is because I provided free strategic consultation to the Obama campaign and instructed them of your failures. Using services such as AdGooRoo, Hitwise and other solutions, I handed their campaign a workup of everything you were doing wrong and advised on actions from them to take and focus on geo-targeted basis. Your mistakes is setup of the McCain campaign were overtly obvious, available through research sources for the world to see and SendTec called you on it.

Suck it up and eat crow...and move on. Life is short.


You really have anger management issues and it is a real shame. I'll keep this short.

1) SendTec was wrong in the fall as you are wrong today.
2) Implying that I posted on my own blog under a false name to pile onto SendTec is delusional. I have the IP addresses of everyone that posts here including yours.
3) I've been on several panels and had several meetings with the actual Obama online team; plus witnesses to corroborate. You have nothing but false anonymous posting and statements.
4) Whether anyone believes my posts and the tons of articles written about McCain's search is up to them; however, my second comment back to you which shows Peter Greenberger from Google's Political team confirming my posts and the articles should be the determining factor of what really went on behind the scenes; Google would hardly corroborate my posts if they were false.

Please refrain from posting anonymously here anymore. If you must, leave me your real name, your real email address, a working landline, as well as a working mobile phone so I can validate who you are.

I moved on. I haven't paid attention to SendTec since the original posts. ANONYMOUS COMMENTS TO THIS POST ARE NOW CLOSED.


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