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I called Qwest (my local phone service) and told them about this problem. They said because I live in the state of AZ I can put a no solicitation service on my phone. The way it works is when a telemarketer calls there is a message that says the number you are calling does not accept calls from solicitors. If you are not a solicitor press 1 to continue. Most Telemarketers use an automated dialer and it can’t press 1 so the call wont go thru. I guess you need to decide if the 6.95 monthly fee is worth it.

this is the new address for the call center that has been making all the illegal robo calls to you people..
1642 west airport blvd in Sanford Florida. Google that address and the map will display the location. the phone number is 1 888 356 6357. you should get a message to speak with someone in human resources. This is a huge illegal robo dialing call center that has been in business for awhile. most of the posts on this site im certain are because of this particular organization originally operating in Tampa then moved to primera blvd in lake Mary Florida now they are located in Sanford FL. Its easy to get all the info you need to these people. all you have to do is cooperate and give them your cc number. They cant charge you until you consent. Thats the only way they can for certain take your money. they will eventually give you all the info you need if you talk to a "closer" I did some digging and found out that a Blake Curtis owns and runs this entire operation. see this link here: http://forums.hmoob.com/showthread.php?t=71434
they are calling Canada now instead of the united states most likely to dodge any legalities. I've investigated fully and What they do is have about 60 unlicensed people to answer phones that this call center robot dials out all across the country. if you press 1 you'll get any one of these commission payed reps. pressing 2 does nothing. the reps are average nobody's that they hire off the street with no real qualifications and will talk you into giving up your credit card number and they will verify if you have debt and if you have availability on your visa or mc by calling your lender. if you have availability on your credit card they will hand over the deal sheet to a closer "financial adviser" notice the quotes, who is nothing more than some guy or girl unlicensed and has no official title or education to be an adviser. just some random people that are hired within to close the deal so they make a killing in commission off of you. All the employees are on a commission based pay scale where I'm sure they are required to make a weekly quota in sales. then you go to a verification where you agree on a recording to let them charge your card for these ridiculous bull crap services. then you eventually get scheduled to talk to a financial adviser who again is nothing more than some other random employee in the call center who will call the bank and try to lower your cc interest rates with you on the phone. All of this is scripted and each person is trained to take you through the Bull crap process. The banks will do nothing of the sort like the closers promise you who got you scheduled to get you to sign up for these services in the first place. at best you will get your rate reduced by a couple of percents but its not permanent by any means. the best they do is transfer balance and get you a 0 percent APR with a Citibank visa or discover card for 3-6 months. all of which you can do yourself. then they will try to talk you into consolidation or debt settlement. meanwhile you just payed anywhere from $690 to $1990 on your credit card and are now screwed to ever get that back. you cant back out of it. you will not get your money back. the only way to get your money back is to threaten the company that you had a dispute with your lender in regards to these services. but you only have 3 days in which to claim that legally. They will show you on an analysis that you helped provide them that you can save money if you pay off one debt and then use what you were paying on the previous debt to put towards your other bills etc etc till everything is payed off. just for that little bit of common sense knowledge is how they are charging you money. the website they provide http://www.myunitedfinancial.org they claim to be based in San Francisco California. the number they give is 1 800 672 1771

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