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Interesting concepts on how to explain away simple "Fraud"....no one here has apparently worked with electronics enough to know that circuits can be designed with backdoors that don't even show up at the closest "Programmers" scruty....and programs can be written with back doors that will not show up to anyone anywhere anyhow.....No....Plain and simple...we will not know if this Obama Presdent is legal unless there is an "old fashioned" paper ballot done and everyone's finger is dipped in "INK"...haha..funny but true...Welfare fraud is still going on today with "minorites" collecting multiple checks in the dozens....all going to the same person but under different identies...and the "Gov" can't even catch it...You think this is going to be found out and proven so easily...? Nope...But it was intersting to say the least how Senator McCain said almost under his breath when asked why he thought so early He would Not Win the Presidency....he said simply.."We have our ways"....

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