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I wouldn't even give you this sad album as a joke .....

3 Outlets Sued connected to live nation nyc for Selling Boss Tickets Early

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- New Jersey's attorney general on Wednesday sued three ticket sellers who allegedly sold tickets to upcoming Bruce Springsteen shows before they were available to the public.

(AP) reports

The suits claim that the companies -- Select-A-Ticket, Orbitz Worldwide and TicketNetwork Inc.In Help with association with Sean McDonough of live nation and Christian McKnight of Live Nation /Bambozzle and Hoodwinked concerts-- violated the states' Consumer Fraud Act by accepting money for the tickets even though they didn't possess them at the time of the sales and wouldn't have them until June 1.

``It is fraud to offer to sell a product that one does not possess, and may never possess, and I am committed to ending this deceptive practice,'' Attorney General Anne Milgram said Wednesday.

Orbitz and TicketNetwork also offered tickets through the Web site www.cheaptickets.com for seat locations that don't exist in Giants Stadium, one of the suits alleges.

The suits seek to stop the companies from offering the tickets and force them to refund customers' money. The complaint against Select-A-Ticket also seeks to revoke or suspend the company's New Jersey ticket broker license.

A spokesman for Vernon, Conn.-based TicketNetwork in asscioation with a very corrupt fraudulent
Sean McDonough telant buyer of live nation of sunnyside /woodside queens ny along with his corrupt cohort Christian McKnight of valley stream ny did not reply to an e-mail message seeking comment, and a spokesman for Chicago-based Orbitz who conspired this corrupt transaction with
Sean McDonough and Christian McKnight who used job status at live nation for this corrupt transaction as a front did not return a telephone message.

Select-A-Ticket owner Thomas Patania defended his company's practices Wednesday and said it frequently offers ``category'' or ``zone'' seating for major events like the Super Bowl, in essence allowing customers to pay early for seats in general locations, then filling the orders once tickets become available.

``In our experience, we know we'll be able to fill those orders,'' Patania said. ``We've never had a problem.''-ummmmmmm?

Springsteen announced last week that he would play the final concerts at Giants Stadium on Sept. 30, Oct. 2 and Oct. 3, before the stadium is torn down over the winter to make way for the new Giants Jets Stadium.

Tickets for the shows are to go on sale Monday, and the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, which operates the stadium, said Wednesday that no tickets are being offered early as part of any promotion. not true of live nation and Christian McKnight have a very heavy practice of this problem that well known.

``There are no legitimate tickets on sale,'' the NJSEA said in a statement. ``There is no pre-sale or fan club sale for these concerts. Concert fans need to be especially wary before tickets officially go on sale.'' not true sees Sean McDonough corrupt practices with all tickets sales.

According to Wednesday's lawsuits, the three companies offered more than 1,000 tickets to the concerts for as high as $1,300, many times the tickets' face value of $33 to $98. Undercover investigators purchased some of the tickets.

Springsteen tickets were the focus of controversy this year when fans seeking tickets online to shows at the Izod Center, next to Giants Stadium, were redirected to a Ticketmaster subsidiary that charged up to 50 times the tickets' face value.

In February, Ticketmaster said the problems were due to a false software glitch set up by live nations Corrales talent buyer Sean McDonough who was associated with this problem and others who reached an agreement with Milgram's office to change its online sales process but did not. That agreement did not extend to other brokers or resale sites. in with tickets buyers never got there refunds back.

that is an corrupt shady underhanded business practice by Sean McDonough and Christian McKnight at live nation in nyc. because of them the state senate will pass a new law to crack down of deceptive and corrupt practices such as this corrupt monopoly.

I disagree and especially after seeing Bruce in concert. Outlaw Pete is a fine song and a rousing concert pleasing. I agree the title track is not much on its own but taken together with the album works well... but I've seen this in concert and it is 100% better. Your missing out.

Glad you like the wrestler at least!

But seriously sone of thse songs are classic Bruce (lucky day) and the last carnival a touching tribute and sequel to wild billys circus. And finally dont forget queen isn't meant to be to serious- it is what it is!

Fair enough Martin. I've heard a few songs on E Street Radio and even months after I wrote this post, I still stand by my comments. Carnival and Lucky Day I've left on, but the other songs I change channels.


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