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Interesting and informative post.

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I really need a website for my business, it will help me to gain more costumers if i have a website, they can easily see my business profile and the products i am selling. It is possible for me to have a website in a cheaper way? thanks for the post.


Very good & informative tips.

You can still make money in the blog feeds with advertising and then if they want to make a comment they can click over to your site. However, notice that you can get your message out and brand yourself as effectively offsite as you can onsite.

Yes you really do need a site just to show people your a true business these days.

Totally agree. Went through the same process ourselves. Even after a decade of experience developing static and dynamic sites, the WordPress platform won hands down simply due to overall ease of use and management. Oh, and the total cost for EVERYTHING we need from WordPress? $40 a year... Pay more than that on an average Starbucks run.

Thanks affordable SEO. I've told many small businesses the same thing

Amen, Wordpress rocks, no doubt about it. So much easier to setup even when your budget isn't small. The thing that gets most people I think, is that they don't realize that it can be used for so much more than just a blog.

I tell all clients, friends, anyone who asks that Wordpress is a blessing to anyone that knows how to use it. If I didn't start this blog so long ago on Typepad I would have moved it.

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