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Hi Eric. Actually Obama is not backing away from closing Guantanamo. Announcing its closure will be one of the first things he does. I know you hate the Times ;) so I won't make you go there to read today's article. Here's the first line from it --"President-elect Barack Obama plans to issue an executive order on his first full day in office directing the closing of the Guantánamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, people briefed by Obama transition officials said Monday."
But like the true pragmatist he is, Obama has said it may take a year to get all prisoners processed out. Obama is a pragmatist and always has been.
As president he will unavoidably disappoint some supporters on some issues. But I believe that most voters (in all parties) don't expect a presidency to fulfill 100% on all issues. They hope for some progress and improvement on some of the issues most dear to them. It would be very hard for Obama to completely fail to deliver any progress on any issues, thus I think voters will give him the benefit of the doubt for a while. Especially if he does move quickly on a few highly visible issues, such as the closing of Guantanamo. I am more concerned about Congress's ability to get things done than Obama's.
Just my $.02.

Hi Dianne,

The reference to closing Gbay shows that he should be issuing an executive order to close the base but that the base won't be closing within the first 100 days as he promised because they dont know what to do with the prisoners. That sounds like a great plan.

Congress' ability to get things done with Obama is an Obama problem. The Democrats control both houses so if Obama cant work with them, it will be his cross to bear unless he wants to run a campaign to switch out his own useless party members, but that will never happen.


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