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I have a pinball machine under repair since long time and I am still in search of the good person,but I dont live in New Jersey ,I live in Lasvegas.Do you come out of your place to repair my machine?

Hi Joe,

I doubt JohnnyPinball will come out to Las Vegas, but contact them yourself to find out for sure.


I am moving my Williams Pin-Bot from Jersey City to Morristown NJ.
I don't know how to release the top! To fold the top down so that it can be moved....
Do you know where the release is? I tried taking the lock off completely from the tom -- but that did nothing....
I am desperate!!!!

Janet Broderick


I found a good website surfing the internet that helps with repair. This was the link for fixing the display...

It is possible that your machine doesnt have the ability to fold down. Mine does not...

I found a business who has been doing NJpinball repair for years. They are NJPinball.com and part of pinball911.com. Had a guy Fred come out and do a pinball repair for me on my High Hand Gotlieb and he was really nice to me. Did a bunch of extra stuff on my chimes to make certain they worked perfectly. Had a good experience all around with them. Buying another pinball machine from them since they were so reasonable to work with. Give them a try if you need service.

Hi Eric,

I hope all is well with you.

Would you please advise how to get intouch with JohnnyPinball, as I am not able to find him.

Keep Smiling

No. I don't think he is in business but use my friend Paul Drabik. He'll come to your house and fix it



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