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Hi Eric I wanted to pass this on to you an award — you can see it on my blog:



Eric I wanted to pass this award on to you!! I got one and you definatley deserve it... You can see it on my blog at: http://www.livingwithkiwis.wordpress.com


this is such a great place. the hot wings are so good.

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Wanted to go to Butler's yesterday, Long Valley NJ - drove all the way up only to find a sign outside says SORRY WE ARE CLOSED DUE TO THE ECONOMY...Think they have gone out of business

Sorry M, we did the same thing too and posted an update


Yes, it is very unfortunate that Butler's has closed. However my name is Jessica Benson. I was the Chef at this establishment. I am now doing private catering. If anyone is interested in having some of that great cajun/creole food at your next gathering please contact me. :) my email is [email protected].

Thank you,


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