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I understand your position and I know you're just being protective to your kids but if you'll ask me, I think there's nothing wrong with that site for it offers decent kids games but the only annoyance is the ads that popping. Anyway, if that's your problem, you can use a third party software that can block the ads. As a parent, I still want to suggest for you to let your kids play MMORPG, you know they can learn a lot of things that can't be learn with the one they're playing right now. To start, you can try the Aion beta version, it's free by the way.

Thanks for your comment. That questionable ad at the top had me concerned but of course it could be a coincident. The content that bothered me the most was the "Can You Blow Up The Eiffel Tower" game as well as other questionable content games for little kids.

Believe me, my kids are not kept from online games. Pirates Online, Club Penguin, and Webkinz are fine. Oh and I let my older one play World of Warcraft with the chat function off. Roblox just seems too intrusive and too shady for me - the ads, the CGC, the on purpose likeness to Lego, the minimal about us page, the enrollment process, etc. I just don't trust the site.


Well hi, im Will and i was like 11 or 12 when i started playing roblox and I thinks its cool for kids to play, I think the worst thing you'r going to find on roblox are people typeing cus words. I play it every day and its relly cool, and im a programmer, so i'll cheack the source and see if I can find a fire wall, I also will message them and talk to them to get the cus words blanked out, but till then i think its a good game for kids, well like me, and it is good for kids to build, drive around, play with friends, oh and another thing is that you can make a parent account to moniter your kids. Like i said i'll get back to you all and tell you, and i havn't gotten any virises and i have a old computer. But any questions just E-MAIL me at [email protected]. And Eric caan i get your e-mail cuz its hard to type all this.

Hay, another thing, like what Eric said about blow up the Eiffel tower, i think is right but iv played the game and met the makers of this game and other games, and its only about bring it down, blowing up bricks, and ill tell you some one that makes a good nice safe games, his name is jored7 and he makes good safe games, its called make a pirot ship and sail down the river. I think its the best game. Trust me, iv plaed over 22 hours game time (not stright). And for parents that do let there kids play it, ill give you a form/list of how to make a parent account. Oh if you deside to look me up on roblox my name is drageneye6, my person is wearing a shirt that says marines, i made a groupe (you can make a groupe/clan/team) called the MARINES that watch out on there for moders,hackers,bullies,cheaters,etc. So if you need any help for people to watch out for any thing just find me and tell me. And hay Eric, nice job making this site (NOT SARCASTIC) My email again is [email protected] I tri to cheack it daily.

Ok, i made a website that has more info on for parent's.

It is www.parentsonroblox.weebly.com

Hope it helps

Hay Eric you are the maker of this right?

Ok so first of all I know that concerns you about the nuke and the ad but just remember its just a game that plastic but then again kids shoudnt know about nukes

Ok the problems you should worry about!
3.Other flags from other countries (Such a Comunnist and Nazi sighn)
4.Innaprobrite names

well thats alot of things plus they added twitter to roblox!

Oh and PS I prefer roblox it concerns you ik but im very popular on roblox and its fun for kids

Hi Will and KKMM,

Yes this is my site and I'm happy that you left comments. Clearly based on your comments, you are older than my kids. I appreciate that you pointed out the good parts and the bad parts of roblox. I still think it isn't right for my little kids, but perhaps for older, tech savvy kids as yourselves you can tell good from bad and can enjoy the game.

Enjoy the game,


How did you know it was me I play roblox and my name is kkmm and I poste about the one with the war signs

Typepad provides the name you used to make a post.


My son LOVES creating new worlds on Roblox. I like that he is learning basic programming skills and gaining an understanding of how online interaction can occur… in a relatively “safe” environment. Thanks for sharing your experience too!

My son LOVES creating new worlds on Roblox. I like that he is learning basic programming skills and gaining an understanding of how online interaction can occur… in a relatively “safe” environment. Thanks for sharing your experience too!


I am a ROBLOX player over 13.You should not worry the nuke part it is nothing!Well it is just like a little boom sound and a explosion nothing realistic! Ask your children to show you what it is. When you die a lego falls that is it! It is a safe online game ask someone who has played this before! The only thing's you need to worry about is people on the website.Don't let you'r children accept a friends request before asking you. Also watch out for bad people names!That is almost it but the last thing I am concerd about is online daters. You can stop this by letting you'r child not speak on games!Go to his/her's settings and hit filtered aand also Super Safe on! To make this easier make a parent account for you'r child.

One last thing I forgot in my other post is it is 99.9% Safe! I am over 13 again. I started roblox a year or two ago.It is problally one of the TOP most safe game's for kids.Just one more thing if you need anymore help please contact ROBLOX hq at [email protected]

You can also contact me

Hi Roblox Player,

Thanks for your comments. You offered good advice. As you wrote, you are above 13 and my kids are much younger than that; I still don't believe Roblox is a safe environment for little kids especially with the tips that you and others have made in the comment section.


First of all. Ive been playing ROBLOX for over 6 months. My virus system DOES NOT detect anything. I use avast. Not a dumb firewall system. I know the Nuke stuff is bad and what not. But its with blocks. Since when are they EVER going to see it in real life? And WHEN will they see someone die in real life? They usually are Over 16 When they see that. There is also a Report button if you didnt notice. Where you can report the name and Description. ROBLOX ROX FOO!

Oh, by the way. If you buy This thing called "Builder's Club" Or "Turbo Builder's club" There will not be ANY off site links/ads. I am An advertiser on roblox. I make those type of ads but better. All you will see is User Created Ads. Theres also a "[Report]" Button on ALL ADS TOO!!! It's safe unless, you have Builder's Club (BC) Or Turbo Builder's Club (TBC)

Dalton, thanks for your comments. You are obviously older than my kids so enjoy.


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