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You're not a PR guru by any stretch, as I know you will readily admit. Nonetheless, you're right that Obama and team are keeping something alive which has long since died off (even if the peak Google trend was October 08, the ridiculous story had legs til April/May at least in the conservative-freak press, which bled into mainstream enough to cause me ponder yet again 'what is wrong with these people). Whatever 'the data' Obama has, there is no logic to keeping it alive in any context, let alone geo reason. Again, you're correct: backlash is really the only outcome possible. But then again, being the hyperbolic politico that you are, you have to go too far yet again, this time with your assertion that Obama is somehow different from any previous president in 'campaigning' throughout his first term.

Only thing that makes Obama different in this regard is a rapidly maturing digital age and tech capability. In thus case certainly, political incompetence of such a magnitude as this misguided effort represents, easily negates digital 'savvy' on any level.

Historically, Presidential Campaigns would move from campaigning to governing and wouldn't consider running ads. I actually meant to not take a shot at Obama with that last comment regarding an always on campaign. I don't think any President in the future can ease up on campaigning.

Oh, and just for the record, this post was also not meant to be unflattering to the President's efforts. I found it very, very interesting.


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