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Lonegan used the internet quite a bit. I got at least two emails a day from him, his Facebook page was humming. But of course we all know that he really lost not because he was outspent 3-1, but because he didn't hire you. That's why all candidates lose!

Domino - nicely written.

Sending out emails is not proof of having a robust online strategy and as I pointed out with my original post (http://pardonmyfrench.typepad.com/pardonmyfrench/2009/04/lonegan-versus-christie-versus-corzine-who-gets-ecampaigning.html) Lonegan had a horrible website, little facebook and twitter followers, and no paid online advertising. However, Lonegan did dump a ton of crappy direct mail to registered Republicans in the state including some really dreadful mock newspapers. This all points to a campaign that listened to out of touch media consultants who wasted Lonegan's political donations and any earned media momentum.

None of these folks needed to hire me, it would have been nice, but at least learn from the past Presidential election and hire people that have a new media clue in this field.


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