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This is typical. I was the assistant manager for a distribution center that delivered for the Star Ledger. I personally spoke to many "subscribers" who spoke of the same thing you are. It's ashame they keep getting away with hassling people.

If you are reading this then it is probably too late. But, if you encounter a sales rep for this paper in your local grocery store, run. I purchased a month of newspaper delivery from one for $15 and change. In exchange I received a free $20 gift card towards groceries. Sounded like an outstanding promo for both the grocery store and the dying paper. Well as expected I never opened one of them. I guess I should have paid mire attention, but I also found that they have been charging me for 6 months for a service I never used. So much for free groceries.

I got the exact same thing a few days ago. Some scenario, I had cancelled over a year ago and then papers began appearing in my driveway. I called and was advised it was a "courtesy subscription" paid for by my carrier and was in essence a free trial> I advised that the invoice was deceptive and very strongly told them that I do NOT want the scuscription. I am also going to write a letter just to have somehting in writing as I do NOT trust the Star Ledger to deal honestly after what I now know.

The Star Ledger just swindled me and I am furious. I have a feeling my fight is just beginning. I WANTED to subscribe to get a Sunday paper and continually procrastinated ordering it. One day The Star Ledger had a booth set up at Walgreens giving out a one month trial with $10 in a gift card to use at Walgreens for $5.00. I am aware I am a fairly naive person. I like to think I can trust people. I asked all the questions. I reiterated the terms to the "intern" marketing the paper. He assured me nothing more than $5.00 would be billed to me and someone would call me to arrange my Sunday subscription I wanted. He would not allow me to order it there saying they could not accept subscriptions services at Walgreens b/c they were not technically allowed to sell anything on premises and that is why the trial was "free."
I was billed $15.96 for a automatically renewed daily/weekend monthly subscription even though I held my copy of the contract in my hand that showed I HAD NOT authorized any order at all. In good faith I had been waiting to order my Sunday paper and instead got cheated.
When I called the woman told me I would have to return the gift cards (that by the way Walgreens gave me credit for b/c they were fake....thank you Walgreens) before they would refund my money. Only after threatening to take them to small claims court and go to the news station did she agree to refund my money saying that the refund won't go through for a week. We'll see. At least I was smart enough to keep my copy of the agreement this intern gave me.
How many other people are being billed monthly and don't even notice? Maybe it is their fault for not checking their statements, however it is illegal an unethical for companies such as The Star Ledger to take advantage of people. My boyfriend told me this would happen and I told him he was so negative. I hate that a few people in this world who are so dishonest means that I have to become a very untrusting person...all for a Sunday paper. I am not ready to let this go....not because of 15 bucks but because it is WRONG and they are reaping the rewards. Help...what else can I do to force this company to become ethical.

The Star Ledger had a stand set up in Walgreens at the begining of October promising a free month trial subscription of the paper delivered to your house and 10 dollars in gift cards for $5...I wanted to subscribe for the sunday paper and this intern told me i could not place an order at that time. He said someone would call me to arrange for my subscription now that they had my information. They did charge me $15.96 for a renewed monthly subscription. They didn't want to refund me until I gave back the fake gift cards they gave me (which walgreens DID honor, thank you) until I told them I had a copy of the document he gave me and I never agreed to any of this and I would take them to small claims court. Iwas told I will get a refund within a week. We shall see. The intern lied flat out and took advantage of me as a consumer. I monitor my check card carefully but plenty of people don't. How many other people are getting screwed?

They failed to deliver on 2 straight sundays. I called twice both sundays and was told they had me on for re-delivery. I had to go by the paper both sundays. I cancelled and they sent a bill. Had to call them and say stop. Now they said if I ordered again they would give me 2 wks free. Why don't they do something about the delivery guy? Yeah, like I'll give him a tip.

Yep. I'm going through the exact same thing and I was basically just told to go fuck myself and I will not be receiving a refund . So far they've gotten me for $58 and they thinks it's ok just to keep the money and tell me that I'm beat. I am not a customer and do not receive the paper. Over a year ago I did sign up and after 4 days cancelled my subscription . Although I was told I had 1 month to cancel or I would be billed, they still charged me for the month and had the nerve to tell me that the representative must of been confused and gave me false information.
Is there any higher ups we can speak to or are we really just screwed out of our money ? I am so didgusted right now . I can not just let this go. And talking to customer service was like talking to a doorknob 😡😡

I signed up for about a 20 week Thursday and Sunday subsciption for $1.75 a week and I told them I would not renew if they would charge me more after subsciption expires. After 20 weeks they continued delivering the paper against my wishes. Now they are demanding payment at full price. They called several times and I told them what the original deal was but they told me it is my responsibility to call them! Am I missing something here? Do I have to tell every merchant that I deal with to stop selling me stuff that I don't want??

i don't think they care at all. it's sad because i'd like to get a paper edition because i think it's easier to read. however, to do with the paper world, phone calls, etc it's a major turn off.

We never ordered the Star Ledger but all of a sudden it appeared on our driveway over the weekend. It three years now and i cannot figure out hour to stop it. I once ran into the guy who delivered it and told him to stop! When we go away there it is when we return, telling all that we were not home. Tried to call them and there is a 26 minute wait to get a real person no matter when I call. There is no way to stop it on line because they require your name address and phone number and my account information. Well, I don't have an account and never have. So if my house is broken into because of the build up of papers that I never ordered and never wanted, an I sure them?

Wow, So its not just me we have been getting the Sunday paper for 8plus months now. At first I was like okay a free paper I can line the bird cage with them. But then they just kept coming I sucked a couple up in my snowblower, had to pick up many completely soaked papers and the best is the wet paper that gets driven over. I have called them every week now for the last 12 or so to try to get them to stop delivery no luck. At first they said it was a promotion and its going to end soon. Then I was promised the delivery would stop, NOPE! So I called a few weeks ago and asked if I can subscribe then cancle would that stop it or can I ask for a vacation hold they told me I needed an account to do that, for real thats what they said!!!

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