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So the thief got your email address, credit card data and address. I think Neweggs security is not the one to blame here there were more than one piece of your data compromised. I think Newegg security worked in this case as the thief needed to ship to your address and try to do a quick porch gram. But I bet they try to have it ship somewere else and Newegg prevent it.

If you haven't found who try to steal from you here is a quick guess is someone you know and probably trust.

Omar, I don't think you quite get the sophistication.

1) I firmly believe Newegg.com's security is subpar. When you google Newegg.com scam there are a ton of stories nearly identical to mine. Why is that? Oh perhaps, their security is awful and thief's go there.

2) I also agree with you it's probably someone local in NJ. I don't believe Newegg.com's security stopped anything. I believe the thief planned on picking up the item at our house but unfortunately (and why it isn't someone that knows us) I work from home so I was here for the delivery.

Thanks for the comment,


I just got hit by a charge to my business visa card from Newegg.com for $884. I have never used this company but I do order a lot of things online from other places. I called them up and asked what this was and where it was being shipped too. They said it was a notebook and was being sent to my mailing address. I said that doesn't make any sense for someone to go to all the trouble of hacking my card info make a purchase and have it shipped to me and somehow try to get the package before I do. That's too much risk. I'm thinking the criminal making these purchases is Newegg itself. They are the ones who stand to benefit the most from this fraud with the least amount of risk. All they have to do is say it was a good order with all the correct info and the problem is not on their end but on the victims. I guess I will see what the police say about it.

Hey Cybro,

That's my point to Omar. Why do these things "happen" to Newegg if they have such great anti fraud tech? Answer is they don't. Or someone is scamming them from the inside.

Good luck,


I don't think this is about someone running around picking up packages fraudulently ordered through Newegg. Now that I think about it that was the excuse Newegg offered when I first called them about the purchase made on my visa debit card. I am beginning to think it is Newegg themselves or someone connected with Newegg on a business level that is making purchases for the company that looks like it’s coming from Newegg customers.

I have now since called Newegg 5 times to get them to take the notebook back that was ordered on my business visa. Everytime it is the same story. They say they will set up a pick up with UPS and will call me back or send me an email confirmation. It never happens. When I press them for a tracking number they tell my to call UPS. When I call UPS they say there must be a tracking number. When I call Newegg back they say there is no tracking number but UPS will come to pick up the notebook. UPS never shows up of course.

I called my bank again and they said they will get the money back from the vendor if the transaction proves to be fraudulent. Something tells me Newegg is going to say it was a good transaction and I'm going to get stuck with the notebook or worse.

I'm concered how this looks like I am the one committing the fraud by trying to get a free notebook by disputing the charge. This is very insidious and I suspect Newegg has this figured out the way they are fighting me on returing the notebook.

Well I'm not going to let them get away with this if I can do anything about it. I called the police again today and they haven't even got to my case because there are so many cases of fraud they are dealing with already, so the say but I left a message with a detective asking for some guidance on what to do with this notebook since Newegg refuses to cooperate with me in returning it.

My thinking is if nobody fights these people and they keep getting away with this fraud it's just going to get worse in the future. If they can tap my visa debit card then they may be able to take money right out my checking or savings accounts to make purchases in favor of their business.

We will see what the detective says and if they can't help me I'm going to call the FBI next and keep on going from there.

You are not the only one with that story. Newegg will reject the return and try to stick it to you. The more I see comments like this, the more I do believe they are running a scam.

On January 24, 2012 a box containing 2 camera lenses was delivered by UPS to my home. I was there, fortunately. I opened the box and saw this was from newegg.com ( a company I had never heard of). I called them to tell them this was an error, and they told me a line of credit "bill-me-later" account was opened in my name. I told them this was fraud and to block the account and they needed to have UPS return it to them. The person I spoke with told me I would be contacted about the return. I was later called by a woman who identified herself as Isabella with newegg - she asked for my email address so she could send a return mailing label to me. Her email address was: [email protected]. The label she sent was for FedEx to pick up the package and return it to an individual in an APARTMENT in Canoga Park, CA. I questioned that via email and she said this was their warehouse. I called newegg back several more times and learned they had no employee named Isabella. There has to be someone working at this company involved in this scam. Otherwise, how would this Isabella know to contact me. The people with newegg were less than helpful to say the least. Meanwhile, I have filed a police report and they have told me to hold on to these lenses until they have investigated the matter. It is a real pain to have a company like this be so cavalier about a situation like this. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and took other precautionary steps regarding my credit. Based on the treatment I received from this company, it has certainly made me wonder if the entire company is involved in illegal practices. DO NOT BUY FROM NEWEGG would be my suggestion.

Mimi - you were very smart. With all of these comments and others that I've seen on the web, I do believe that Newegg has to know about these scams, yet does nothing about it. We saw an advertisement for them in Wired magazine. I don't trust this company and neither should anyone else.

I put blocks on all my American Express cards so they can't charge to my card. Hopefully everyone else is doing the same...

Newegg.com really has this scam figured out pretty good.

After somehow getting my Visa debit card information and running an unauthorized transaction against my account sending me a notebook computer I never ordered, my bank Wells Fargo denied my claim against Newegg.com because according to Wells Fargo it isn't fraud if a product was sent to me. What? How is that? A product by the way Newegg.com refuses to take back by lying to me repeatedly saying UPS will come and pick it up when UPS never picks up packages without tracking numbers and Newegg.com refuses to tell if there is a tracking number. Why is that?

Wells Fargo’s conclusion was that the charges were made by me, or someone who had my authorization. Sigh... no kidding. Someone who had my debit card information like Newegg.com maybe? But it's not fraud because they sent me a product I didn't order. Ok, I guess when Newegg.com does this to you people in the Claims Assistance Center when “someone” taps your credit card information and sends you crap you didn’t order my bet is that’s when all this will magically become fraud again.

So now I'm stuck with this notebook that cost me $884.91 and nobody at Wells Fargo or Visa seems to want to consider the possibility that Newegg.com is placing fraudulent orders to boost their own sales with credit card information they obtained maybe from another party like Amazon.com who will ship from companies like Newegg.com when you order through Amazon.com. No, couldn’t be that could it?

Needless to say I will be shutting down my Wells Fargo accounts because I can’t expect any help at all from them. Even when I told them that they didn’t seem to care. Ok screw you too guys.

Oh well this is a matter for the police anyway so I hope I have better results with my case pending with them.

Well newegg scammed me a different way.
Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2
Price when bought 2 days ago $69.99 with promotion. confirmation- around $74
Got receipt 1 day later price $104.99 – original price.
Out of stock on day of call.(today)
Called in the morning(Today)
Customer service guy said the promotion was there but they could not offer the promotion because it was the last one buy would offer a $15 dollar credit.

Called later this afternoon. Hard drive back in stock.
Lady wouldn’t budge either saying that the promotion is not there now.

Now when did people get to buy stuff off newegg and get charged something different than the confirmation before order? Not to mention solid state drives are NON RETURNABLE by agreement. Also that its defective. 64 gb drive shows up as 396 mb for 3 diff computers. Already need to request a replacement for it.
Never had a issue with them before. Why not.

Finally got my money back from Newegg.com today. Seems like the only thing they will listen to is a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If you get something from Newegg you didn't order and they give you the run around just stop dealing with them and go to the BBB website and file a complaint. It worked for me.

Great news and great use of Better Business Bureau. Thanks for the update!


BBB sometimes never respond. Hasn't worked for quite a few people. Like ever read http://feefighters.com/blog/bbb-accreditation/

Another newegg.com scam. I received an email notification that I had a charge to my debit card for $64.98 from NEWEGG.COM. I immediately called them and their Customer Service agent assured me that this fraudulent order would be stopped and I would receive full credit in 5-7 business days. Well, time is up, and I called back to find that no one did a damn thing about the order. It was shipped (to another state), and they have no plans to credit my account back. Now after lying to me, I now need to start the challenge part back through my Credit Card company. Anyone who deals with scam artists like NEWEGG.ORG deserves what they get (Or don't get). These people don't give a damn about customer service.

I have just received an email (which went to my Spam folder) from Newegg saying that my Mastercard had been charged. They gave an order number and some clickable links. I went to their site and it has a notice at the top of the page to alert them if you have received a phishing email or other suspected fraud re them. I don't want to click on any links at all.

Tomorrow I will call my bank and see if anything has been charged (and block Newegg from ever charging my card.) I had NEVER heard of them before BUT I had been googling and looking at ebay and Amazon lately, with a view to possibly purchasing a camera! It makes me wonder who is tracking what I'm thinking of buying, by my searches!!

I just got an email from NewEgg to my business email that says I have been charged for order # . I have never ever in my life ordered anything from NewEgg and do not even have an Acct. With them. So I used their Live Chat on their website to get some answers. Here is how the conversation went...
HER: what is the order # that is in the email you are referring to?
ME: 28069724
HER: Thank you for holding. The order was placed on 2006 under the name of Keith Newell, it was not placed by you. You might receive the phishing email. We have been aware of this issue and are looking into this matter. Please do not click the link on that email. You can also contact bank to check if he has been charged. We apologize for any inconvenience.
ME: I do not know a Kieth Newell HER: The order was placed by another Newegg customer on 2006. You might receive the phishing email.. We apologize for the inconvenience.
ME: So its not from Newegg? Then how did they get that guys order info?
HER: We are checking this issue and we don't have the information as of this moment. We apologize.
ME: Doesn't that mean that your info is not secure. And someone is stealing it to send out phishing emails.
HER: We have realized the issue and trying to fix it.
HER: Please do not click the link on that email. You can also contact bank to check if he has been charged. We apologize for any inconvenience.
HER: Is there anything else I can help you with today?


Nicole, I wouldn't trust Newegg.com. I'd call your bank and your credit card(s) to see what if anything was charged and immediately file a block, fraud charge. You might want to consider a police report, yet I didn't do anything like that. Newegg.com continues to experience these problems, yet have don't little if anything to fix this. I would NEVER use them. Good luck.


I have just noticed a charge on one of my credit cards for over $300 to Newegg. I have not ordered from them and nobody in my house has access to my account, so this is an apparent fraudulent charge. When I called their "customer service" department and spoke to Julie (who would not transfer me to her supervisor), she was very rude and said, basically "Stinks to be you." She said I would have to take it up with my credit card company and I would have to file a police report to see where it was shipped to!!! Ridiculous. Everytime I said "That makes no sense" she would say "I'm sorry you feel that way". That's all...

Something about this smacks of Newegg's involvement and participation.

We should all get together and file a class action claim. Who's in? This ticks me off. I'm going to contact the California State's Attorney. Contact me at [email protected] if you would like to join me.

Here's what sounds like is going on.

Re: people getting items in the mail.
If you are receiving items in the mail, that isn't Newegg's fault. What do you expect them to do? Hire an investigator to find you and personally call you to confirm every order they receive? Somebody had your proper credentials (including your card's zip code, billing address, and verification number). They either received these from another scam such as a phishing email or physically took them. You know, it is possible for clerks to swipe your card's info with a handheld reader and glance at your code. You were had and they either were going to get you to mail it to them (BTW, salesnewegg.us is reposessed now), or they worked you locally and were going to porch swipe it.

Re: numerous complaints. Maybe you don't realize it because you don't order from Newegg, but they are one of, if not *the*, largest electronics vendors in America. I'm sure you can Google many complaints against Walmart or Best Buy that those companies are trying to take you. Not to mention, most of the claims are probably misinformed such as the case above.

Re: charging full price on SSD. That sucks. That's just a fail on their customer service. I'd give them another call and ask to be escalated to a manager and explain the situation to him. It sounds like their system may have glitched and delayed the order after it finished. They have a lot of one day only deals and you may have submitted near the end of the cycle. Also, should contact the manufacturer regarding an RMA on the drive. Probably the only legitimate complaint on this page so far.

Re: contact from Newegg in emails. You were getting phished. They were trying to explain that that order had belonged to Keith Newell from 6 years ago. In other words, somebody grabbed a random transaction number and had been using it hoping you would click on a link, fill in some information, and then they could start on scamming you like the other posts on here.

No matter the case, always keep your card in sight, only use it on trusted websites (and yes, Newegg is included, legitimate sites are REQUIRED to report database breaches), and be smart when putting in your info or responding to solicitors. Getting an email from a company you never heard of asking you to go to a website that is similar to the legitimate site and asking for your credit card information, probably is not legitimate. If in doubt, don't respond, go to the actual website, and call or respond directly to them.

As much as people do not want to believe it, security is almost completely on the individual. No company can prevent you from giving your information to somebody, nor can they always know if you are the actual customer. Newegg complies with security measures, such as your CVC on the back of the card. It isn't their fault if somebody has your credentials in the first place.

No W, you are incorrect. Newegg has responsibility.

Newegg.com decides the following:

They are the ones with the website. They are the ones that decide their security level. They are the ones that decide the format, the urls used, shipping, and order processing. They are the ones deciding the security used for private information and credit card storage. They are the ones that decide their fraud detection procedures. They are the ones deciding on their return policies.

Your comments pass it onto the users. That's not fair and not accurate. Ask yourself why this is happening over and over again to Newegg and not other sites just as large...



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