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4159lowres_1Eric Frenchman is an online marketing and advertising consultant located in New Jersey and Chief Internet Strategist for the online political agency Connell Donatelli Inc.  Eric also founded the online marketing consulting company Eric Frenchman LLC aka PardonMyFrench with current and past clients of The Bank of Montreal, Diageo NA, and Genworth Financial.

Since 2006, Eric directed Senator John McCain's online advertising for his 2008 Presidential campaign working through the primaries and right up until election day..  Connell Donatelli won the AAPC's 2008 Best Use of New Technology award for Senator McCain's search marketing program.

Since 1998, Eric has managed multi-million dollar online advertising and CRM campaigns for AT&T, DLJdirect, Harrisdirect, and BMO Investorline and is a recognized expert in online marketing and advertising techniques. In 2005, Harrisdirect was ranked as the 17th largest online advertiser in the US and in 2003 was recognized as Best Financial Advertiser. Eric is also a member of the  Internet Oldtimer's List.

Besides writing for this blog, Eric lives in New Jersey with his wife Mary, two children, and a cat named Trixie.  He is also an avid gamer and loves World of Warcraft

Of course you can always Google Eric to find press mentions, but  visit this link to learn more.

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