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Best of PardonMyFrench - As of September 15, 2006

If you are new here, this is the place to be to find all about this website from some of my best posts over the past year.  These were voted on by you the readers, so if I'm missing one of your favorites than post a comment below.  Enjoy.

1.  MySpace Letter - My open letter to Ross Levinsohn on how to make money with MySpace. 

2. What The Vonage? - Probably one of my most asked about subjects.  This is the best one where I derive their online CPA.

3. Nacchio Flips Bird at US Government - A funny profile of one of AT&T's best leaders.

4. AOL Blogging Stocks - Umm Why? - I personally liked this one, but then I got into an argument with a well known internet maverick.  I guess he didn't like the pig picture.

5. Financial Services Marketing 101 - After I couldn't get myself out of the discussion from #4 above, I got fired up and made this post.  The comments on these two are worth the price of admission (free).

6. What Came First The Chicken or The Blog - I gave my sister some advice about how to generate your own traffic to cross sell into her decorative egg business.  Sadly, Toni gave up her blog.

7. Springsteen Gets Hitwised - I teamed up with Bill Tancer from Hitwise to understand what is happening with Bruce's audience.

8. There is No Offline or Online Marketing, Just Google ROO - After hearing Google's strategy in a conference, I wrote this post; long but still very interesting.

9. Marketing Tips From Disney Part 2 - Marketers can learn a lot from the Disney way.

10. Politicians Should Just Stream It - Should be required reading for agencies and political consultants.

That's it.  Enjoy.




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John C. Wyckoff

Dear Eric,
Your posting from December 4, 2006 regarding our farm, Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm, was just brought to my attention today. First and foremost I would like to say "Thank You" to you and your wife Mary for being such faithful customers of our Family Operated Christmas Tree farm. Families, such as your own, help keep the small family farmer in operation.
Regretfully, you are correct, my father was diagnosed in 1995 with Lymphoma. Yes, he is doing fine. Now, the "Big Picture"... during the treatment process for the Lymphoma, trees were not planted as the direction of the farm was in question. Annual planting once again resumed in 1999, the trees looked great, until...drought struck during the summer months. The entire planting was lost. Now, you get the picture as it takes eight to ten years to grow a harvestable Christmas Tree. I am glad to say however, we have planted every spring since and are on our way back to having, as you put it, "Mountains of Trees to Choose From". We currently have 35,000 trees in production and are planting more come spring. We have been rationing the "cut your own" trees and supplementing with quality, fresh cut trees. We are working hard to maintain the experience for our dedicated customers such as yourself. Eric, if you or any of your readers are ever in the area, or perhaps before this Christmas, please look me up. I would like to give you a tour of the farm and show the "Mountains of Trees" that once again are growing in our fields.
"Thank You" to the faithful customers who have stood by us through this difficult time. The farm has been in our family since 1839 and we hope to continue for at least another 168 years...

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