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Office Space for Rent in Union NJ


Are you looking to rent office space in Union NJ?  I have quite a number of rentals available right on 4613112_1 Morris Avenue in Union NJ just a block of off Union Center.  The larger units have at least 1 parking space and most of the smaller units have 1 space.  There is street parking as well as a public lot next door.  Some of the highlights include: 

  • A beautiful street level with a private 1/2 bathroom roughly 1100 square feet
  • A 3rd floor office space over looking the very scenic Union Town Hall
  • Another large third floor space which includes a secretary/greeter space with an attached conference room
  • We can also combine several spaces to make even larger offices

This would be great space for anyone in the medical professions, accountants, or lawyers (we are right across the street from the municipal buildings).

Contact me (908.500.4801) or my Coldwell Banker real estate agent Alan Rasmussen (908.624.2113) for details.


P.S. Again - looking to make a deal this year.


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This is a good news for those who wanted to have a better office. This office for rent is a better option because of the location, area and the like. Thanks a lot for sharing the info with us. This is an opportunity to help those who wanted to have a new office space. Keep up the good work. More power.

Offices must be good. But it would be better if our houses are near to our offices so that it will be easy to access to it.

This is a good opportunity for those people who want to have a good office. what is the cost? Is this is expensive?

read the post ,you can know more .
so if you want to any information and other ,now click and so ,so cool you know .

Sounds like an interesting property to look for, well now a days there are plenty of office rentals to choose from. In choosing an office space you have to choose the one that is just right for your needs.

This office does provide a decent space for a mid-sized business, especially those whose main focus is on white collar jobs. Well, I think a small pantry on the first floor would be possible. One room should be enough, as long as the kitchen appliances can be installed, without disturbing the flow of human traffic. Through these, employees wouldn't have to worry about their snacks and lunch anymore.

This is an probability to help those who desired to have a new perform place. Keep up the great performance!

Union NJ is a great place to have a Office. It seems a great opportunity for the small businessman to have the property on rent.

That is really a good information many people are looking office rentals which this one look very fit for those who are looking.In Finland country there is also a lot of office rentals which you will surely like because of the location.Anyway thanks for sharing.

Hi! Did you ever deal such a position when a complete stranger has stolen any of your personal ideas? Can't wait to see your reply.

Union NJ is a great place to get a Workplace. It seems a great opportunity for the small businessman to experience the property on top of rent.

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